The musician Pharrell Williams He became famous thanks to the single “Happy” and as the producer of groups like Daft Punk. The musician is now in co-owner signature G-Star. Pharell is a lover declared of the fashion world, has in fact made collaborations with other firms such as Adidas. The musician will be part of mark across-the-Board creative, from the collections of fashion through signature campaigns.

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Pharrell association with G-Star comes after two years of collaboration across the enterprise of the musician: Bionic Yarn and RAW collection fortheOceans, which transform recycled plastics in the ocean in denim. A super proposal interesting and mostly organic. After this project, the collaboration between the firm and the musician came naturally. Of course, G-Star continued with its project in Bionic Yarn. Pharrell tells us his impressions on his new adventure in the world of fashion:

“G-Star is a company of independent-minded and forward-looking. I think it will be definitive jeans of 21st century brand. I am looking forward to be part of that mission and help create the future of G-Star”.

Thecla Schaeffer, G-Star RAW marketing Director also tells us his opinion on the new partnership of the firm:

“With this partnership, we continue to innovate by allowing that Pharrell challenge the limits even more in all aspects of our business, from the creation of new ideas for products and visions on sustainability to brand new experiences. We are truly excited to welcome to Pharrell to our mission to re-imagine the future of denim together”.

Pharrell Williams Is Passed to The World of Fashion at The Hands of G – Star
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