Portland, Oregon

By | September 27, 2022

Facts over Portland

State: Oregon
City since: 1851
Population: 654,741
Area: 376 km2
Time zone: -8

According to ehangzhou, Portland is located in the state of Oregon. Although it is not the capital of Oregon, it is the largest city in Oregon. 583,776 people live in the city, but the agglomeration is home to 2,260,000 people. This makes Portland the 23rd largest city in the United States.


The original inhabitants of Portland are members of the Chinook tribe. They were engaged in fishing, gathering food and trading. Many famous places in Portland still have the names they gave these places. Examples include the Willamette River and Multnomah Falls.

When the settlers arrived from the Oregon Trail and Portland, they made Portland their home and gave their own names. The name that is still used until now is ‘Stumptown’. This was the first nickname for the city because the felled trees used for the buildings determined the appearance of the city.

Pioneers and adventurers flocked to the city from the east coast. Two of them—Francis Pettygrove, a Maine merchant and Asa Lovejoy, a Massachusetts attorney—decided to flip a coin to determine whether the city should be named Portland or Boston.

Portland quickly became known as a port town. During World War II, Portland’s port operations changed significantly. Hydroelectric power was supplied to the area and the local shipyards supported the war effort. Portland really started to grow when the local shipyards started building freighters for the United Kingdom. At that time, the region filled with new residents and new neighborhoods were built to house them.

In the 1970s, the infrastructure had to be changed in order to meet the growth in the region while also preserving the natural beauty of the area. Even if Portland can never rewrite history, bring the old trees back to life or undo the pollution that Portland’s rapid growth has brought with it, current green policies aim to repair the damage and ensure that the city ​​and its residents have a bright future.

Keep Portland weird!

The city’s official slogan is: Keep Portland weird! And the inhabitants are proud of this name! There are many things that make this city so special:

Portland is referred to as the cycling capital of the United States. With wide cycle paths, orange bicycles that everyone can ride on and the many bicycle sheds, this title is certainly not unjustified. There are many bicycle rental companies in the city where bicycles can be rented. There are also many guides who lead tourists through Portland’s beautiful gardens.

One of Portland’s nicknames is Beervana. With over seventy breweries, the city has more breweries than any other city! There are many cafes where the beers can be tasted. Beer tours are also organized. These tours take you to various breweries, where brewers proudly show how they produce their beer.

Of course, a beer should be accompanied by a delicious meal. Delicious meals can be had from any of the 600 Food Trucks in Portland. The owners prepare the most delicious fresh and preferably organic dishes all year round. Special Food Truck tours are even organized so that tourists don’t just walk past the best Trucks.

Portland is also known for its special and lively neighborhoods. The Alberta Arts District has many vibrant activities organized by artists and creatives. You will also find many alternative shops, art galleries and trendy restaurants and bars. In Mississippi and Williams you will find many special shops, such as picnic shops, art shops and clothing stores. You can shop duty-free in all of these stores, as there is no tax in the state of Oregon.


Powell’s city of books

Powell’s once started as a small shop in 1971. Today they have grown into a landmark Portland attraction and one of the most amazing bookstores in the world. The property extends over a complete block of streets. The store now includes more than 1.5 million books in 3,500 different departments. Grab a nice cup of coffee from the in-store coffee shop, grab a map for the nine color-coded rooms and spend the day in the largest store of new and used books on the planet.

Portland Saturday market

Enjoy this signature experience as the Portland Saturday Market is Oregon’s largest weekly open-air art and craft market. You can enjoy walking along the rows of stalls. All kinds of things happen: creations are sold by the people who make them and live music is played. You can also enjoy a delicious snack. The market is located in Waterfont Park, near the Skidmore Fountain MAX station. With a purchase of $25 you will receive a free ticket for TriMet (public transport) or for two hours of parking in any Smart Park parking garage.

Stumptown coffee

In 1999, Stumptown Coffee immediately became the number one for caffeine aficionados in Portland. It all started as a single roastery on Southeast Division Street, but quickly expanded to the rest of Portland. Recently, there have also been branches in New York City and Seattle. Direct trade is very important to Stumptown and they constantly highlight the different flavor profiles of the coffees. It may take a little longer to get a latte at Stumptown than it does at Starbucks, but the beautiful latte art, and most certainly the signature Portland vibe, make up for it.

Oregon Zoo

At the Oregon Zoo, you can travel around the world in a single afternoon. In the zoo you can see more than 2,000 animals that come from all over the world. Think of animals from the agouti (a rodent from the rainforest) to a zebra. This conservation-oriented zoo is known for its Asian elephant breeding program.

Pittock Mansion

High on Portland’s western hills, Pittock Mansion towers over 310 feet above the city’s skyline. Symbolizing Portland’s dramatic transformation from a small logging village to a bustling, bustling city, this more than 100-year-old building boasts remarkable architecture. With its painting-like views of the rivers, forests, bridges and mountain peaks—as well as its 23 rooms filled with treasures—there is no other place in the city that offers a more breathtaking glimpse or insight into Portland’s past.

Japanese Garden

In the scenic hills above Washington Park, the Japanese Garden is a haven of calm beauty. This park is considered one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. Located on 2.2 acres, the gardens span five different styles. Also in the gardens are an authentic Japanese tea house, meandering rivers, sheltered walking trails and unbeatable views of Mount Hood.

Portland, Oregon