This season arrives loaded with novelties in fashion maternity. Warm knitwear, sporty t-shirts, mini-dresses, eighties… We offer you a selection of clothes that will be trend this fall-winter 2016-2017. Discover them!

Fall is already here, and with the  change of season , new trends in fashion begin to fill shop windows, magazines and commercials. Do you feel like renovating your wardrobe? Possibly, when you get pregnant, you should think about updating some clothes to adapt to the evolution of your state: jeans, dresses, shirts, coats… To  boast of tripite you can find a great variety of styles, from the most classic to The most fashionable. This fall-winter 2016-2017 fashion for pregnant women comes loaded with clothes adapted to the latest trends, but offering comfort and well-being to future moms.

What Are The Star Garments Of The Season?

The trends in this year’s premature fashion are very varied and full of nuances. From the international footbridges, the sporty style arrives with force , with sports clothes to dress in the day to day. Also called the layering , which consists of wearing garments of different lengths superimposed on layers. Both styles look for comfort and warmth with knitwear, overlapping layered jerseys and cardigans of autumn prints. The military trend and velvet and lamb fabrics will also create a furore this fall-winter, a season that recalls the 80’s with minidresses and ankle pants with sequin details.

In addition, in the case of the maternity fashion, it is committed to timeless garments, such aslittle black dress, white shirt or evolution jeans. The colors of this season are indigo blue, red and camel range , toffe and honey color.

In MaternityGuides we have selected 10 maternity garments, including, maternity jeans, maternity dress, maternity shirt, etc, that are trend for your winter and fall styling.

Pregnancy Fashion Autumn-Winter 2016-2017: What Do You Wear?
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