Rami Is a Good Cheap Substitute for Flax, and Wool Cold

We talk all the time as the wool cold and the linen are good choices for the summer, but there is another fabric that is also a good option for hot days: the rami, which has its origin in the plant of the same name, very common in south east Asia, and China is its largest producer, followed by Brazil, Korea and the Philippines.

Rami Is a Good Cheap Substitute for Flax, and Wool Cold

The rami pure is more brittle than linen, but the mixture with other fibers causes that change its texture, brightness and touch, making it an alternative that is cheaper, but lower quality. However, should take into account some of the characteristics of this raw material that are well appreciated as its brightness that increases with each wash, moisture absorption, resistance to the coat of arms and force, and can be dyed quickly and easily.

Anyone interested in buying a blazer made of a blend of ramie with polyester, cotton or even silk, in certain cases, you can resort to two well-known stores, Zara and C&a, this last with parts for R$169,00.

In short

  • The rami is an alternative of cool fabric for the summer, but nothing prevents it to be used year-round;
  • Its largest producer is China, from where comes most of our clothes currently;
  • The rami is rough, but the mixture of fibers with cotton, polyester or even silk can change your touch;
  • Brightness, moisture absorption, followed by quick drying, resistance and strength are some of his most appreciated qualities;
  • Although not as popular as the linen, may be found in several stores in Brazil.