You have not missed that on Thursday we run a night mingling with the focus on measurement sewing along with Italian Sartoria Vanni in Stockholm. There are still a few places left, so hurry to sign up at the link below if you have not already done so.

Our event will take place on 1/10 between 18-22 o’clock at Buco Nero on Roslagsgatan 4 in Stockholm, where you readers have the opportunity to mingle and discuss style and size sewing Editor Andreas Weinås of our site and Nicola and Oliver from Sartoria Vanni.

For more information about Sartoria Vanni, we recommend that you read this article from earlier this fall.

For those who want to place an order for any of its products or services offer Sartoria Vanni all visitors during the evening 10% discount.

Seats are limited so first come first served.

When alcohol is served is 18 years of age for event and notification through the link below.

You will receive a confirmation email before the event if you are on the list.


Reminder! MTM Mingle with Manolo and Sartoria Vanni