Safety in Krabi, Thailand

By | April 29, 2021

Many first-time travelers to Thailand are concerned about many different things, and many are concerned with hygiene and safety. Food poisoning, various febrile illnesses like malaria and accidents scare those traveling to Krabi and elsewhere in Thailand. Many also recall the experiences of travelers twenty years ago, but Thailand has changed, tidied up, and modernized in many ways, and there are really no worries promised to those who are aware of the dangers and know the rules of the game.

humid heat

Krabi is in many ways the cleanest, safest and most harmless of Thailand’s popular tourist destinations. There will be the least amount of side effects of any kind, and it is not a place of bailing like Phuket or Pattaya. The biggest problems are the potentially dangerous injections of mosquitoes, stray dogs, humid heat, and jellyfish that can be stepped on in coastal waters.


In the tropics, the sun rises rapidly near the law point of the sky, and it reindeeres hot and scorching from there until ten in the afternoon until three in the afternoon. The only protection against it is clouds, which usually appear during the afternoon, but the clouds usually do not lower the temperature per se but remain the same.

You should protect yourself from the sun with some kind of headgear , and using strong sunscreen, even for those who don’t actually stay in the sun, is more than worthwhile. 50+ sunscreen is the best and can be bought at an affordable price from anywhere in Krabi. You can also protect yourself from the sun as well as mosquitoes, i.e. by wearing long pants and a shirt , and they are good to be loose and thin. It is especially important to protect yourself from the sun when going out to sea and even going on a day trip to islands like Koh Phi-Ph, or spending time on other islands as they are sunnier than on the mainland. Some kind of headgear should be considered standard in Krabi from morning to dusk.


The biggest concern on the ground is the damp heat that doesn’t really leave you alone for a moment and can only be escaped to air-conditioned spaces. The sun illuminates the cover of the sky all day, and on cloudy days the humidity percentage can be higher than on sunny days. The crab is not quite as hot as it is in southern Europe, for example, in mid-summer, but it can sometimes rarely be 39 degrees. However, the humidity is incredibly high, but during the travel period from November to March it is at its lowest (73-86%). During the rainy season from May to October, the humidity percentage stays close to 90, and it is not worth traveling to Krabi in the summer.

It is best to ensure that the accommodation is air-conditioned , and it is better for the most sensitive to at least initially avoid moving outdoors or in the sun at noon. However, some people think that air conditioning should not be kept on at night, and when you are a little used to the heat, you should try to sleep only with a fan. Moist heat also brings in larger amounts of laundry than normal, and sensitive skin can get allergies or other skin symptoms from sweating. You should take a shower at least once a day quickly, and the locals often wash twice a day. For those who have just arrived in Thailand, it doesn’t make sense to do any walking weird, and tennis, golf, biking, and many other sports, for example, require a long get used to the local weather.

One important thing is to drink water, and water should be drunk in liters every day. Water can be bought everywhere, it is inexpensive and it is best to carry a separate, washable water bottle that can be filled from larger water bottles.

Thaiger tells you how to work with moist heat .

Jellyfish are a problem on many beaches


Traffic is not a problem in Krabi, and there is no chaos in the city of Krabi like in the heart of Pattaya or Patong. The main streets can be a bit chaotic, especially in the afternoons and early evenings, but the city of Krabi is also quite a nice place for traffic . There is not much traffic in Ao Nang and the adjacent Noppharat Thara, and it is only on the promenade that runs from around Noppharat Thara harbor to the end of Ao Nang beach. Railay has no traffic at all, and in many places in polluted Thailand is a paradise where the air is clean and the atmosphere is unhurried.

Traveling from one city to another in Krabi is not a similar hassle as in congested Thailand, i.e. mainly around Bangkok and in the eastern parts around Pattaya. The road between Krabi town and Ao Nang is nothing very busy, and Krabi can well rent a scooter or other outing game. Busy times like afternoons and early evenings may be worth avoiding at first, and it’s not nice to shave long distances in the midday toast.

Traffic is at its most dangerous in the evenings and at night , when some Westerners ride a scooter after taking a few beers and when most accidents happen. This can happen in Ao Nang or the city of Krabi, but they are also much safer in the evenings and at night than in some other parts of Thailand. In the evenings, however, it is difficult to move around anymore, public open platforms run quite a bit after the early evening, and rides in the evenings and at night are expensive or difficult to arrange. One good way to avoid problems in the evenings is that if you even leave Ao Nang for an evening in the city of Krabi, arrange a return trip for yourself and agree on the price in advance.

More than 80% of accidents in which tourists are involved are in one way or another related to scooters or motorcycles . If you want to make sure you don’t get into a car accident, it’s best not to rent a scooter and not go aboard mopeds or other mopeds or scooters.

Theft and crime in general

Many fear for their money and valuables, but there are very few such concerns on the ground. Krabi has no professional criminals, street gangs, groups of children grabbing people’s goods, or any other worrying crime. There, hotels and other accommodations are well guarded, and locals notice everything and burglary of hotel rooms is not common or easy to do.

Despite this, your money should not be left wide in the room, and nothing valuable should be left visible. You should either keep your passport with you or put it in a safe place, such as a locked suitcase. It’s not a good idea to carry all your debit cards or money with you all the time, so it’s a good idea to keep at least one debit card and some money in the room well hidden. The room must always be carefully locked, and in the evenings at bars and nightclubs you should keep as little valuables and cash as possible.

It is not worthwhile to even take a passport for nightlife, and anyway, a photocopy of the passport or at least a picture of it on the phone is always good to keep with you. The worst place in this sense is Ao Nang, where there can be various side effects caused by excessive alcohol consumption late in the evening or at night during the travel season.