Sandra CÓIas Launches Eco-Friendly Shoes

The actress designed a collection that respects the environment and animals

“Vegan and mother of actress 17 (dogs and cats)”, as she presents herself, Sandra Cóias designed a line of shoes, the “Walk in MyShoes”, which promises quality and comfort, in full respect for nature, in General, and by the animals, in particular.

Ambassador of good will of the Earth is AllOrganizations (EFAO), the WWF on earth hour and EarthWater group in Portugal, Sandra Cóias stresses that the collection “Walk in MyShoes” reflects your life philosophy: “design shoes, of course, but most of all, I believe that we (or I) can make a difference, respecting animals and honoring your beauty because I am totally against any kind of animal cruelty. As part of my contribution to make a difference, I dedicate part of the sale of each pair of ‘ Walk in ‘ MyShoes to the protection and defence of animals”.

And leaves a compromise:”don’t use animal products, only materials of excellent quality, as the Italian Microfiber, synthetic fur, and more environmentally friendly materials in the manufacturing of shoes ‘ Walk in ‘MyShoes’.

The actress reveals that the shoes will be fully produced in Portugal, in “factories that respect their workers, according to the standards set by the European Union”.