Serralves Heritage Inspires Portuguese Jewelry Collection

Six domestic brands are inspired by the beauty of the gardens and architecture of the iconic buildings of the Serralves Heritage to give rise to an exclusive jewelry collection , the Portuguese Serralves Jewellery Special Edition. A limited edition that was the result of a partnership between the Serralves Foundation and the Jewellery and Watchmaking Association of Portugal (AORP).

Serralves Heritage Inspires Portuguese Jewelry Collection

Rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings are some of the jewels that make up the collection and behind have names like Jatin, Bruno da Rocha, Eleutherius, Liliana Warrior, Louise roses and Monseo. Attentive to every detail, the creators had inspired lines, textures and patterns present in Casa de Serralves, one of the most important representations of Art Deco in Portugal, and also at the Serralves Museum, designed by Siza Vieira and one of the major references of Portuguese architecture.

Are pieces where mount the straight lines and the elegance. Made of gold, silver and Onyx, some of them are even adorned with diamonds and others have worked more.

The collection is already on sale, and you can find it in the store and selected points Serralves nationwide until day 20 February 2018.

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