In summer (if it is that it comes at the end) one dares with everything and it is all possible and wearable. It is for this reason that we get our personality to the fore and not fear him (almost nothing). Why firms are rushing to launch printed dresses in shrill, flashy colors and flowered most. It is then when we put him and think ‘ ok, with him I will not pass unnoticed but I will be stylish for a while ‘. So dare yourself and passes of which say that most of the criticisms are pure jealousy self-destructive.

As in everything, must have one thing clear: the fashion and accessories they must be very classic, simple and neutral colors so that mixture does not make us look like real clowns. A mixture that I liked? The of Jestem Kasia, where combined like no its dress made in Zara.

Click scope options

As we live today (and I speak for myself), It is very easy to Sin, and we have the temptation to click. Therefore we can choose between dresses style tube, ladylike or lighter and baby doll. That Yes, all they will do us the eyes.

  • Set bright star-patterned dress of ASOs, 19.88 euros.
  • Chiffon dress print of Mango, 29.99 euros.
  • Set tropical print dress from TO | Wear, 53,02 euros.
  • Tube dress with printed flowers of Zara, 39.95 EUR.

The flowers are stamping most resorted to this type of dresses, and we find them in mini version, Maxi or XXL. With which one will you be?

  • Tube type patchwork and flowers of Miss Selfridge, 36 euros.
  • Floral in bright colors of Topshop, 38 euros.
  • Beach tunic of H & M, 9,95 EUR.
Summer Dresses Not Tea Will Be Overlooked
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