Or: 3 typical summer fashion problems and how you solve them elegantly with the right underwear *.

* With product placement – it offers over the summer? I love it, finally dig out the wonderfully airy summer clothes and wear brighter colors. But the summer also means that the fabric is thinner, the fabric layers of less and the covered area of the body is small. If you carry around a few pads with it like me, or the body is overall not quite so tight, the summer raises a few fashion questions. Since the reasoning “What should I wear including?” quickly becomes the ultimate style discipline. Because in the summer the right underwear is essential for a stylish appearance.

The good here: There is enough invisible helpers, which are at the side. The most fashionable or figurative challenges are to solve very elegantly with the right underwear like recommended on politicsezine. Today I will give you an overview, which you now can use lingerie and shapewear, to get summer peak. There are the body-shaping my very subjective rating and a small review about “pants Shorty”, the new high-tech-shaping product from the House item m6. Enjoy this little trip into the fashionable ground!

The basic equipment for summer underwear – an entirely subjective test series

To first of all I would like, but calm down: no, it’s not bad at all, if your character more makes a few waves in the summer than usual. Or if your skin is no longer quite so tight, even and spotless. This is no reason at all to renounce the carefree summer fun and fashionable chic! But: There are a few simple things you can do to avoid the worst fashion faux pas of the summer. And there are very intelligent, invisible helpers, which ensure that you cut a good figure even in summer, when it matters. Because you can what can the stars on the red carpet, but a long or?

Which brings us to the basic equipment for the summer underwear. This should especially help to edit the following three typical problem areas. Here my list of most important lingerie and shapewear items now – use is knowing that there is nothing Subjektiveres than underwear!

Problem number 1: Visible underwear

Of course it may include in the one or the other situation your tactics, you Flash your lace bra top out let. Transparency is one of the leading fashion trends is in this summer, and I would like you not deter, to give a glimpse at your whim. But, in most cases, it is the unwanted visibility effects that modish to avoid. What remains hidden under solid, dark winter fabrics is under lighter, brighter or slightly transparent summer clothing like:

  • Visible underwear seams are characterized and form unsightly dents, which interfere with the silhouette of a garment.
  • It is difficult to see the material the color of underwear and shows the viewer too much, what kind of underwear you bear today.
  • Lace ornaments on bras or maybe even the nipples pressing the fabric and provide insights that you had planned so don’t.
  • The straps of the BRA or other parts of it slip under the garment out or can no longer be obscure due to unusual necklines.

All of these unsightly effects are very easy to avoid if you supplement your underwear-facilities – according to your personal preferences and figural conditions – with following lingerie:

The T-Shirt bra in nude

A simple bra with lightly padded cups is virtually invisible under thin T-Shirt fabric. In the corresponding version, he sure packed even larger breasts and avoids the notorious “nipple alert”. In a skin color, it can be easily worn under white clothing . It is also available with push-up effect for smaller breasts.

The BRA with flexible, removable straps in nude

A high-quality bra that can be worn not only strapless, but also many different vehicle types creates the necessary support for almost every summer cutting – including ring er back, Halter or asymmetric forms – for the breast. The breast is invisible raised and shaped.

The panties with Lasercut hemming

Underpants in different styles and colors, its fringing were cut with the laser need no rib at the end. They are smooth against the skin and do not loom so under your clothes. However, there is a small restriction: these panties are usually very easy and give the Po neither stop nor form – unless they have in addition a shaping effect incorporated.

The thong in nude

Through the short cut to the Po there is there no edges can – looming in nude this applies also under white clothing. However: You have to like the feeling. The Po is not covered at all, is not held, and moves under the clothes of course free. Also, the clothing will be through a string Tanga minimal protected – actually, yes why worn underwear at all… Nevertheless, string-Tangas are a good summer solution, if you like to have this form, need no additional support on the Po or the clothes themselves so tight, that nothing jiggles.

The panty panties in nude

This form of panties covered the whole butt and hips and avoids therefore there visible dents. It provides a good protection of clothing, something better stop for the Po as a Hüfthöschen and is not visible under white clothing. Especially with flat Lasercut degrees, it is my simple summer underwear of choice if no additional shaping effect is required.

The classic dress and the underskirt

The so-called “slip dress” or petticoat – but also a simple slip – silk ensures that transparent substances would be opaque. Have but a few more positive effects: through the silky underwear classics you can wear also substances that are less pleasant directly on your skin – especially if you sweat something. The best effect of Unterkleidern and petticoats, however, is that the fabric of the clothing about is much better, not stick on pads or pushes itself upwards. That beneficial to your silhouette. If you are looking for an airy, breathable underwear and you need no additional shaping or supporting effects, slips and petticoats are a good summer lingerie alternative for skirts and dresses.

Problem number 2: Swelling out pads and w. alarm

Now we come to a topic that must not disturb you, but certainly in certain situations and under figure-close-cut clothes can be disturbing: clearly visible flab and parts of the body that result in moving their own lives under loose thin fabrics. Both effects adversely affect the silhouette of your outfits.

Yet, as a typical female female body has quite a few places where individual flab can become independent. The usual “danger zones” are in the waist-hip-abdominal region, as well as on buttocks and thighs. Depending on the character type, almost every adult woman has her small to larger, summer theatres – regardless of the weight!

Does not mean but, that you therefore must waive the whole great summer dresses and sexy outfits. For those situations where you want to feel packed something leaner, slightly easier or just something safer, in your life, the modern underwear and hosiery industries offers an all-round carefree package, that look – and test! -permit may:

The belly way T-shirt

Such shirt look like ordinary tank tops, but mean that the contour on the abdomen and waist is smoothed. However: Larger breasts need more support and for the zone in the body from the waist down you need also a figure-molding panties if necessary.

The cycling shorts as shapewear

High waisted pants made of specially designed supportive material ranging from just below the knee, supports and shapes the entire area between waist and thighs. It is very handy for lots of outfits, when mainly the waist hip thigh contour is to be compensated. In addition, the Po is lifted and tightened. She can be combined with a matching bra and is invisible in nude well see bright colors. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for shorter skirts and dresses. The only version of forming cycling shorts that can be thrown in the washing machine, as well as in the dryer, there is incidentally also item m6: the pants secret.

The shapewear pants Shorty item m6 -a little self test

Where the cycling shorts stops, starts the new shapewear pants Shorty item m6 only at: ranges from the upper third of the thigh up to the lower chest area and compensates for the entire contour in these zones. Thus, it forms the entire waist, tummy, hips and the strongest part of the thigh. The Po receives thanks to the special material inserts including even an additional lifting effect knack-Po warranty…

My self test:

As always, the tightening of support underwear is connected with some effort. But worth the effort: I feel the modern, breathable high-tech material with the typical item m6 energising properties but also surprisingly comfortable. My motto for shapewear: when already warm, then at least convenient! Also, the right size is easy to find thanks to the sizing of the manufacturer. The fit trouble I usually have other body shapers, are not an issue when the Shorty. From my point of view, but is the best: the Shorty can be worn as pants, as well as to shorter skirts and dresses. The “acid test” under a skin-tight T-Shirt dress is definitely with flying colors: far and wide to see none of the usual dents!

The Shorty is available in black and nude. I personally chose the flesh-colored version, because this is completely invisible even under white summer clothes. Positively, I think also that also have a matching bra can be worn to the Shorty if necessary. Only downside: you need an outfit that you easily can slide up to the Shorty on and take off. This requires a little outfit planning and trying it out in advance.


For me, the new Shorty item m6 bridges the gap between lined body and cycling shorts. It is extremely versatile and has no fit problems. It is the slightly lighter and more comfortable version of the body Shaper and therefore for me especially for the summer the shapewear of first choice.

Shaping body

The entire torso, including breast forms a body of supportive tissue. It is convenient to open the step and therefore beneficial for certain outfits. However, a body does not provide additional support for the thighs and is relatively hot. I feel the fact that a body in the correct fit is very difficult to find as very detrimental. Because the fuselage length, as well as the BH-shape and size have to agree. If you however like to wear bodies have no fit problems and mainly in the middle of the body and the chest need a shaping effect, a body Shaper for you is a good alternative.

The shaping undergarment

In contrast to the body, the dress forms the entire body from the chest up including thigh. Convenient: you can wear panties including in addition if required and the dress is quite easy to slide upwards in the case. A disadvantage is that a continuous molding dress is very warm and can be worn only under skirts or dresses. And one of the advantages of the Unterkleids could run unfortunately also in the opposite: slips can have the unpleasant property, under the rock to move up to…

Problem number 3: Cellulite, spider veins and skin bumps on legs

The times, in which the body is crisp and firm, not forever. At some point gravity wins the upper hand, gives the tissue and the first signs of aging become wide. Cellulite, spider veins, water retention in the tissues and various skin – uneven laws, ensuring resentment especially on the legs in the summer are the result. What to do? I am usually in such cases for sunless tanning, silky lotion and a good portion of confident laissez-faire. If this but not enough to make you feel really good, or the occasion simply does not allow bare legs, I recommend the following lingerie:

Stay-up stockings

More or less transparent stockings stay-up shaped cover immediately any skin – uneven laws or dents on the legs. You, are still relatively airy Unlike tights. Of course they offer different than pantyhose, no shaping or supporting effect on the upper thighs, hips, or Po. And you have to wear closed-toe shoes to do so. But on more formal occasions, they are still the best choice for flawless summer legs for me.

We are at the end of my list of the most important underwear, you can now use. You are playing all challenges of the summer wardrobe with these parts. I personally find it reassuring that there is a suitable solution from the high-tech-shaping industry for almost any figurative situation and would no longer give up my little helpers.

In addition, it is connected to any form of underwear with personal preferences. Above all, the desire is very different to Bedecktheit, containing or supporting effect from woman to woman. In this respect, this post is based only on my subjective assessment. What is your experience with the presented forms of underwear, interested me of course burning!

For what fashionable underground have you chosen? Access on different occasions to other lingerie variants? Do you have more tips for summer underwear that you would like to share? I’m looking forward to your comments and additions!

* Note: This post was sponsored by item m6. The shapewear pants Shorty was me to the provided free.




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