Syracuse, New York

By | December 7, 2022

Syracuse is a city in the state of New York in the United States. The city has 146,000 inhabitants, with an agglomeration of 658,000 inhabitants (2021). The name is pronounced as ˈsɛrəkjuːs. It is named after Siracusa in Italy.


According to medicinelearners, Syracuse is located in the central part of upstate New York, and surprisingly not on a significant waterway like most other major cities in the state. Syracuse is located at the intersection of two major highways. Lake Ontario is nearby, some 60 kilometers to the northwest. The city is located 120 kilometers east of Rochester, 200 kilometers west of the state capital Albany and 315 kilometers northwest of New York City. The agglomeration measures approximately 25 by 25 kilometers. Like many cities in the northern United States, the city has lost population, from 221,000 in 1950 to 147,000 today. Due to the job loss, many people have fled the city, sometimes to the suburbs around the city, but also to other cities in the country. The agglomeration actually grew slightly, but at a much slower rate than the national average since the 1970s.

Road network

The highway network is quite extensive for the size of the city, which is due to the fact that the city used to have more inhabitants, and that much greater growth in the region was taken into account during the planning phase of the highway network. I-81 forms the north-south connection, and I-90 the east-west connection. I-481 forms the eastern beltway, while I-690 forms an east-west connection through downtown. In addition, SR-481 is a highway connection to the northwest, and SR-695 is a short highway west of downtown. I-90 is a toll road, and few commuters use it.


Congestion is not a big problem in Syracuse. However, it can be busy on I-81 in particular because it only has 2×2 lanes. However, long queues are an exception. The intensities are also quite low, nevertheless quite a few highway kilometers have 2×3 lanes.

Syracuse, New York