Pains promise He has wanted to make a journey in time with all the protagonists and has created a very special collection of shirts: reissue line. T-shirts perfect for wear with shorts in the summer or with jeans is in the fall, combined with a jacket of point.

Dolores promises embodied in all the memories of his life. It is unusual to see her dog Tula, the cat Trini, the playgrounds of his native Andalusia and of course her friend Pepa, who encouraged her to delve into the exciting world of fashion.

These t-shirts are very special for me, part of my early days, and first, as everything in life, is often the most difficult…

I love this model with the classic face of Dolores promises ahead and the original back of shirt is blue with white dots. If lights it with a few shorts jeans, you will get a perfect look for this summer: comfortable and stylish.

T-Shirts Dolores Promises: a Journey in Time