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On July 17, 1973, former Prime Minister Mohammed Khan Daud staged a coup d’état; the monarchy was abolished and Daud appointed himself prime minister; in 1977 he became president. On April 27, 1978, his rule was overthrown by the left-wing People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan; Daud was murdered. The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was proclaimed, with Nur Taraki as president. Although the new government announced reforms, tensions remained in the country. In February 1979, the ambassador of the United States was assassinated. In September, supporters of Prime Minister Hafizullah Amin assassinated President Taraki. Amin sought support from the United States. In December, Soviet troops joined the fray. For the course of this intervention, see the entry Soviet interference in Afghanistan. After the departure of the Soviet troops in February 1989, the fighting continued. The mujaheddin continued to oppose the communist government in Kabul, which was still materially supported by the Soviet Union. That government was overthrown in April 1992, ending 14 years of civil war. The Islamic State of Afghanistan was established. Now that the common enemy had been defeated, the differences between the various groups of mujaheddin began to surface. This meant that the war effectively continued, killing tens of thousands more Afghans. The fighting mainly centered around the capital Kabul. See itypeusa for Afghanistan State Overview.

Afghanistan Old History

Afghanistan is an independent nation in Southern Asia. With the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan 2020 population is estimated at 38,928,357 according to countryaah. The location in the middle of the highways between major Asian cultural areas has characterized Afghanistan’s history. The pressure from foreign invaders has sometimes tore the country apart, sometimes helped to… Read More »

All About Afghanistan Country

Brief information The first written mention of Afghanistan dates back to the 6th century BC. e. It is clear that in fact the history of this country goes deeper for many centuries. Until now, in Afghanistan you can meet the descendants of the Greeks who came there with Alexander the Great. In this ancient country,… Read More »

The Long War in Afghanistan Part 2

6: Why did the war last for over 20 years? The United States and NATO responded to the Taliban’s military escalation by increasing the number of international troops from 2009, and by escalating air and ground attacks against the Taliban’s forces. They also placed greater emphasis on building and training an Afghan army. The Taliban,… Read More »

The Long War in Afghanistan Part 1

Afghans have been living with invasion and war since 1979. After 20 years, the United States and NATO withdraw their forces and the Taliban regain control. How could that happen? Why did the United States and NATO invade Afghanistan? What happened to the Taliban after the invasion? Why did the United States and NATO decide… Read More »