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Geography of Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska

Kusilvak Census Area, formerly known as Wade Hampton Census Area, is a remote and sparsely populated region located in the southwestern part of the state of Alaska. It encompasses a vast area of approximately 19,000 square miles (49,000 square kilometers) and is known for its rugged terrain, diverse wildlife, and unique cultural heritage. In this… Read More »

Geography of Copper River Census Area, Alaska

The Copper River Census Area is located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Alaska. It is a vast and remote region known for its stunning natural landscapes, including rugged mountains, expansive glaciers, and pristine rivers and lakes. Covering a large area, the Copper River Census Area is sparsely populated, with most of… Read More »

Geography of Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska

Geography of Southeast Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska The Southeast Fairbanks Census Area in Alaska encompasses a vast and diverse landscape, characterized by its rugged terrain, pristine wilderness, and unique ecological features. Spanning an area larger than some states, Southeast Fairbanks offers a glimpse into the raw beauty and untamed wilderness of the Last Frontier. Check travelationary… Read More »

Geography of Chugach Census Area, Alaska

The Chugach Census Area, located in the southern part of the state of Alaska, is a region of remarkable natural beauty and ecological diversity. Spanning an expansive area of approximately 29,500 square miles, this census area is characterized by its rugged terrain, towering mountains, abundant waterways, and unique climate. Here, the geography, including climate, rivers,… Read More »

Geography of Bethel Census Area, Alaska

Geography and Climate of Bethel Census Area, Alaska The Bethel Census Area is a vast and diverse region located in southwestern Alaska. Encompassing approximately 45,509 square miles, it is one of the largest census areas in the state. The area is characterized by its remote wilderness, rugged terrain, and unique cultural heritage. From its icy… Read More »

Geography of Aleutians West Census Area, Alaska

The Aleutians West Census Area, situated in the remote southwestern part of Alaska, encompasses a unique and rugged geography that is characterized by a chain of volcanic islands. This area, part of the Aleutian Islands, is known for its distinctive climate, abundant water resources, and remarkable landscapes, shaped by the dynamic forces of nature. Check topmbadirectory… Read More »

Geography of Skagway Borough, Alaska

Geography of Skagway Borough, Alaska Skagway Borough, located in the southeastern part of the state of Alaska, is a region of stunning natural beauty, rugged terrain, and rich history. Despite being one of the smallest boroughs in Alaska in terms of area, covering approximately 464 square miles, Skagway is a popular tourist destination and a… Read More »

Geography of Petersburg Borough, Alaska

Petersburg Borough, nestled in the picturesque southeastern part of Alaska, boasts a captivating geography that combines stunning landscapes, a unique climate, and an abundance of water features. This remote borough, with its rich maritime heritage, is surrounded by the Tongass National Forest and the pristine waters of the Inside Passage. Let’s delve into a comprehensive… Read More »

Geography of Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

Aleutians East Borough, located in the southwestern region of Alaska, encompasses a unique and dynamic landscape shaped by its remote location, volcanic activity, and maritime influences. Spanning a vast area of approximately 15,010 square miles, Aleutians East Borough is home to a diverse array of geographical features, including rugged coastlines, volcanic peaks, tundra plains, rivers,… Read More »

Geography of Anchorage Borough, Alaska

Anchorage Borough, located in south-central Alaska, encompasses a diverse and breathtaking landscape characterized by rugged mountains, pristine lakes, and expansive wilderness. From its bustling urban center to its remote backcountry areas, Anchorage Borough offers a unique blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. See topschoolsintheusa for information about Wasilla, Alaska. Geography: Anchorage Borough covers an area… Read More »

List of Apartments in Alaska

Alaska – Anchorage Daily News Rentals Browse these Alaska classified ads for roommates, efficiencies, furnished and unfurnished rooms, apartments, duplexes, townhouses, and houses. Website: http://www.adn.com/class/ads/0,3256,today-rentals-0,00.html Alaska – Live In Alaska Log in and search for real estate listings, including apartment rentals, houses for sale, home construction, and commercial listings. Website: http://www.liveinalaska.com/servlet/community_ProcServ Alaska – Moving.com, Properties… Read More »

Alaska Tourist Attractions

Theater and opera Alaska Center for the Performing Arts in Anchorage This arts center in Anchorage was opened in 1989 and is home to 3 theaters and attracts up to 200,000 visitors annually. The Anchorage Symphony Orchestra and the Anchorage Opera also play here. The theaters in the center are: Evangeline Atwood Concert Hall The… Read More »

Alaska History and Attractions

According to answermba.com, Alaska is the state located in the northwestern part of the United States of America. It borders to the west with the Bering Strait in which the island called Little Diomede is present, which is only 4 kilometers from the Great Diomede island, which however belongs to Russia. Going from one island… Read More »