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Albania Paintings

In painting, within the same current of ” socialist realism ” we find the two coloristic trends already highlighted for the years between the two wars. The distinction, however, no longer coincides with that between portrait painters and landscape painters, rather it concerns the different psychological intentions with which to face reality. In the works… Read More »

Albania Flora and Fauna

The flora of Albania has common characteristics with that of the western part of the Balkan Peninsula. In the lower region, up to around 600 m. the Mediterranean type prevails: there is the coastal zone of the dunes (Medicago, Ermyngium, Echinophora, etc.), the evergreen zone with scrub, agave and olive groves, and the wooded zone… Read More »

Attractions and Transportation in Albania

Albania – how to get there Airplane: A journey by airplane is among other things with theAirlines Albanian Airlines from Prishtina (Kosovo), Adria Airways from Ljubljana (Slovenia), Hemus Air from Sofia (Bulgaria), JAT Airways from Belgrade (Serbia) and Malév Hungarian Airlines from Budapest (Hungary) are possible. Airports: Albania’s only international oneairportis the Nënë Teresa International… Read More »