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All About Algeria Country

Brief information Due to the not very calm political situation, tourists do not often choose Algeria for recreation. Meanwhile, Algiers could become one of the most popular countries among foreign tourists, because there are numerous ruins of ancient Roman cities, the amazing Sahara desert, oases, mosques, as well as pristine beaches on the Mediterranean coast.… Read More »

Algeria – The Constantine Plan

Algeria embraces an area of ​​2.3 million km 2 with over 9 million residents. The northern part of the country (228,762 km 2 with 8,931,300 residents, of which 902,000 Europeans), which includes 12 departments according to the new administrative division of 1956, sends 66 deputies to the French National Assembly; 45 of them are Muslims.… Read More »

Algeria Territory

(Al-Jumhūrīyah al-Jazā’irīyah ad-dīmūqrātīyah ash-shaʽbīyah). State of North Africa (2,381,741 km²). Capital: Algiers (El Djazaïr). Administrative division: Wilayate (50). Population: 42,578,000 residents (2018 estimate). Language: Arabic (official), French, Tamazight (Berber national language). Religion: Sunni Muslims 99.5%, other Muslims 0.4%, others 0.1%. Monetary unit: Algerian dinar (100 cents). Human Development Index: 0.754 (85th place). Borders: Mediterranean Sea… Read More »