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Arizona is one of the states of the USA. The standard abbreviation for the Grand Canyon State or Copper State, as the nicknames are, is AZ. The capital is Phoenix. Check CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM to learn more about the state facts of Arizona.

List of Apartments in Arizona

Apartments Available Phoenix Agency helps renters find apartments and town houses throughout Phoenix, Arizona. Search the listings by price range or location and access community resources. Website: http://www.phoenixrent.com/ Ariz. – Apartment Finders Arizona agency has five offices throughout the state that aim to match renters with apartments or homes. Preview properties and price ranges. Website:… Read More »

Arizona Tourist Attractions

Special churches and temples St. Mary’s Basilica in Phoenix St. Mary’s Basilica is the oldest Catholic church in Phoenix. The Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as it was officially called, was completed in 1914. The basilica also has the largest number of stained glass windows in all of Arizona. The… Read More »

Arizona History and Attractions

Arizona is a southwestern state of the United States of America, its territory borders on the north with Utah, on the east with New Mexico, on the south with Mexico and on the east it touches California and Nevada. According to answermba.com, Arizona is one of the driest parts of the USA, not only due… Read More »