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All About Austria Country

Brief information Austria is a small country in Central Europe, but with a great past, and probably an equally interesting future. The former rulers of Austria, the Habsburgs, had a huge impact on European and world history. However, even Emperor Franz Joseph I, the famous founder of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, did not at all imagine… Read More »

Austria Cinematography

The history of cinema began in Austria in March 1896, with the presentation in Vienna of the Cinématographe by the Lumière brothers; but a production of subject films only developed from 1908. In 1910, the two main production houses began the activity: the Erste Österreichische Kinofilms-Industrie (since 1912 Wiener Kunstfilm), founded by the photographer Anton… Read More »

Austria Finance

The Austrian financial situation in the post-war period was characterized by many factors, more or less intensely negative, among which, in particular, the exceptional expenses for the reconstruction of the country, the burden deriving from the state of employment and the considerable volume of currency in circulation. The budget, in the forecast stage, marked the… Read More »