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Bangladesh Old History

Bangladesh is an independent nation in Southern Asia. With the capital city of Dhaka, Bangladesh 2020 population is estimated at 164,689,394 according to countryaah. For about 3,000 years, Bengal (Bangladesh and the Indian state of West Bengal) has been part of Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or British empire in South Asia. In 1757, the British defeated… Read More »

All About Bangladesh Country

Brief information Most foreigners are sure that Bangladesh is a poor country with frequent cyclones and floods. However, in fact, you can relax in Bangladesh all year round, but the best time to visit is winter, when there is no rain and the ocean is still very warm. In this country, tourists will see unique… Read More »

Bangladesh vs Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and has over 5.3 million inhabitants. It is a very fast growing city and is therefore one of the 30 megacities in the world. A great many people in the city of Dhaka live in the slums. With more than 7000 inhabitants per km², the capital is very… Read More »