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See itypeusa for Barbados State Overview.

Barbados Old History

Barbados is an independent nation in North America. With the capital city of Bridgetown, Barbados 2020 population is estimated at 287,386 according to countryaah. When the British took possession of Barbados in the early 17th century, the island was uninhabited. The economy came to be dominated by sugar cane cultivation on large plantations where the… Read More »

All About Barbados Country

Brief information The exotic state of Barbados is considered one of the most attractive for tourists in the entire Caribbean. The island of Barbados was discovered in 1536 by the Portuguese, but then for many years it fell under the rule of Great Britain. Tourists can enjoy picturesque tropical gardens, interesting sights, luxury hotels, numerous… Read More »

Sights of Barbados

On the shores of Carlisle Bay is the largest free port in the Caribbean – the capital of Barbados, Bridgetown. According to simplyyellowpages, the city itself is small, only 80 thousand people live in it. Local buildings are a mixture of colonial and modern architecture. The narrow streets are full of rum shops. There is… Read More »