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Brazil Agriculture

Agriculture and livestock farming are the most widely practiced economic activities. Agriculture is practiced, for the most part, with primitive methods and with little help of mechanical means (3,840 tractors were registered in 1940) and with very limited fertilizations (in 1947 less than 200,000 tons of chemical fertilizers were used, almost all imported). The average… Read More »

Brazil Literature

The last twenty years of Brazilian literature offer a very varied and rich picture. The intellectual generations of modern Brazil each seem to discover the reality of their own land and tradition from scratch. But the cultural and artistic flourishing of recent years and the more severe conception of national unity and its popular truth… Read More »

The Best of Brazil

According to indexdotcom, this great adventure trip in Brazil takes you on an expedition along the Amazon River where you meet Native American tribes and spend the night in hammocks to the Jew of the Amazon rainforest. From Manaus fort, the journey continues to stunning Rio de Janeiro, charming Paraty, the paradise island of Ilha Grande… Read More »

Family Adventures in Brazil

Pack your backpack and take the kids on adventures. Experience wildlife in the Amazon, colorful Rio de Janeiro and impressive Iguazú with the family on this fantastic tour of Brazil guided by itypeusa. Take your family on adventures in Brazil and get unique experiences for life. You stay with Vanessa, Leo and their children at Tropical Tree… Read More »