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See itypeusa for Chile State Overview.

Chile Old History

Chile is an independent nation in South America. With the capital city of Santiago, Chile 2020 population is estimated at 19,116,212 according to countryaah. Today’s Chile began to be colonized in the 16th century by Spaniards, who gradually took control of most of the country despite continued resistance from the indigenous people of Mapuche. Chile… Read More »

State Structure and Political System of Chile

According to microedu, Chile is a unitary presidential democratic republic. The Constitution, adopted in 1980, was reformed in 1989, important partial changes were also made in 1991, 1994, 1996. The process of bringing the Constitution in line with the needs of modern society continues. Since 1974, an administrative division has been introduced in Chile, according… Read More »

Internship in Santiago

The breathtaking nature is one of the main reasons why Chile is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. From the desert to glaciers to volcanoes, the safest country in South America has everything to offer. According to ejiaxing, the Chilean capital Santiago lies between the Pacific and the snow-capped Andes, the longest mountain range in the… Read More »

Best Travel Time and Climate for Chile

The sheer size and diversity of Chile make it easy to capture all of the elements (possibly Easter Island as well) in one trip. Unimaginably long and topographically irrational, home to both the highest and driest desert on earth and the ice fields of Tierra del Fuego, according to Payhelpcenter, Chile is an enchanting place… Read More »

Travel in Peru

TRAVEL ON YOUR OWN IN PERU Travel through Peru for up to 12 months with the opportunity to hike in Machu Pichu, see the wildlife of the Amazon, soak up the atmosphere of local markets, experience the amazing Inca culture, fly over the mysterious Nazca lines and go sandboarding in Ica. See more about Peru… Read More »

Round Trip in Peru, Bolivia & Chile

Do you dream of hiking in the Andes, watching the sunrise at Machu Picchu, experiencing the amazing Lake Titicaca, exploring witch markets in La Paz, going on a four-wheel adventure through the Salt Rising or tasting Chile’s amazing vineyards? Then this adventure trip is for you. Visit best-medical-schools for more about Peru. This adventure trip offers lots… Read More »