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Colorado is one of the states of the US The capital is Denver. Colorado is the Spanish word for “colored”. Colorado’s nickname is The Centennial State. The standard abbreviation for the state is CO. Check CITYPOPULATIONREVIEW.COM to learn more about the state facts of Colorado.

List of Apartments in Colorado

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Colorado Tourist Attractions

Religions, churches Religious affiliation In Colorado, people belong to the following religious communities: Protestants: 44% – including 23% Evangelical Catholics: 19% Mormons: 2% Jews: 2% Muslims: 1% No information: 25% New Life Church The New Life Church in Colorado Springs is a charismatic evangelical megachurch that was founded by Ted Haggard in 1984 and quickly… Read More »

Colorado History and Attractions

According to answermba.com, Colorado is one of the western states of the USA, its territory borders to the north with Wyoming and Nebraska, to the east with Kansas, to the west with Utah and to the south with Oklahoma and New Mexico. Colorado is also called the Centennial State, or the Centennial State, as it… Read More »