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Ethiopia Old History

Ethiopia is an independent nation in Eastern Africa. With the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2020 population is estimated at 114,963,599 according to countryaah. Some of the oldest known traces of human beings have been found on the Horn of Africa. At the beginning of our era, Aksum emerged as a regional great power,… Read More »

All About Ethiopia Country

Brief information About 80 different nationalities live in Ethiopia, as well as many religious and linguistic groups of people, which speaks of the very colorful nature of this country. Ethiopia is a combination of poverty and wealth, urbanization and nature. In this country, you can see rock temples, the largest African market, unique nature and… Read More »

Ethiopia Early History

At the dawn of Ethiopian history, the plateau was inhabited by Cushitic peoples. The Blue Nile and its watershed with the Hawash roughly marked the dividing line between the (Cushitic) people of the Agau who held the northern part of the plateau and the Cushitic people of the Sidama who occupied the southern zone. In… Read More »