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Greece Old History

Greece is an independent nation in Southern Europe. With the capital city of Athens, Greece 2020 population is estimated at 10,423,065 according to countryaah. Archaeological finds indicate that at least 400,000 years ago there were people in the area that today constitutes Greece. Agricultural societies probably originated around 7000 BC. Indo-European peoples settled in the… Read More »

All About Greece Country

Brief information Greece is of interest to almost anyone. Someone is interested in the history of Ancient Hellas, someone aspires to this country, considering it the cradle of Orthodoxy, and some tourists, and they seem to be the majority, just want to relax in the beautiful Greek beach resorts. More than 15 million tourists from… Read More »

Greece Law History Part II

In 1874 the final draft of the civil code was completed and presented to the Ministry of Justice, drawn up on the basis of the French, Italian and Saxon ones. However, the approval of these projects was not possible, especially because, according to the constitution in force at the time, the global approval of the… Read More »

Greece Law History Part I

Despite the subjugation of Byzantine Hellenism by the Turks, Byzantine law did not disappear, but continued to regulate private relations between the Greeks. This is especially due to the religious character of Muslim law, which imposed the principle of the personality of law. Byzantine law, as it had been formulated in the various synoptic collections,… Read More »

How to Get to Greece

Plane: Traveling to Greece by plane is the fastest and probably also the cheapest option. The vast majority of flights to Greece land in Athens. From there there are flight connections to every European capital. From Thessaloniki there is Direct flights to Amsterdam, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Cyprus, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Istanbul, London, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Stuttgart,… Read More »