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Guatemala Old History

Guatemala is an independent nation in North America. With the capital city of Guatemala City, Guatemala 2020 population is estimated at 17,915,579 according to countryaah. In the area today, Guatemala flourished the high culture of the Maya people between the 300 and 900 AD. It had stagnated when Spain colonized the region in the 1520s.… Read More »

All About Guatemala Country

Brief information In little Guatemala, a lot of things that tourists like are brought together – monuments of ancient civilizations, pyramids and acropolises of the Mayan Indians, mountain ranges and volcanoes, mountain rivers and lakes, centuries-old majestic forests, hot springs and wide beaches. We fully agree with the Spaniards who called Guatemala the “Land of… Read More »

Guatemala Culture and Literature

CULTURE: TRADITIONS The Spanish conquest and colonization of present-day Guatemala could not completely destroy the indigenous culture of the Maya, also because the great majority of the population did not undergo the process of annihilation practiced elsewhere, and managed to maintain their own language and customs. The Spaniards simply overlapped these; while the missionaries preached… Read More »

Cities and Places in Guatemala

Antigua Antigua Guatemala was the capital of Central America from 1543 to 1773. In the same year it was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake and relocated to Guatemala City, 45 kilometers away. Embedded in the natural beauty of perfect cone volcanoes, the city captivates with its colonial charm, the friendliness of its residents and… Read More »

Guatemala Early History

From agriculture to high culture: the Maya Between 18,000 and 10,000 BC settled in what is now Guatemala. First humans. They were hunters and gatherers and later settled down. The first Maya settled in 2000 BC. In Mesoamerica. In Tikal was probably in the 7th century BC. A first settlement founded. A high culture developed… Read More »