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Hungary Old History

Hungary is an independent nation in Eastern Europe. With the capital city of Budapest, Hungary 2020 population is estimated at 9,660,362 according to countryaah. Hungary’s history goes back to the Magyar people, who immigrated in the 8th century. After centuries as a powerful kingdom, Hungary was ruled by the Turks and then by the Austrian… Read More »

All About Hungary Country

Brief information At the end of the 9th century, the Magyar tribes from Western Siberia moved to the Danube, thus beginning the formation of the state of Hungary. Modern Hungary is annually visited by millions of tourists to see the numerous Hungarian historical monuments, visit the famous local balneological resorts, and swim in the waters… Read More »

About Hungary

Hungary is a European state, famous for its abundance of interesting architectural monuments, many of which are considered the property of the UNESCO fund. Hungary is also known for its health-improving tours: Lake Heviz with hot springs and therapeutic mud is considered one of the largest healing lakes in Europe. One of the main attractions… Read More »

Hungary Geopolitics

Hungary is a parliamentary republic of Eastern Europe, born in 1918 from the ashes of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Trianon Treaty, signed in 1920 by the victorious countries of the First World War, outlined the current borders, reducing the surface of the country from 288,000 to 93,000 square kilometers and the population from 12.6 million… Read More »

Travel to Hungary

Hungary is the aroma of simmering goulash soup and peppers, of cakes that reign supreme in fashionable coffee houses, of Viennese melange taken under large, dramatic chandeliers and musicians in variegated vests who let their violins and double basses tune into melancholy gypsy music. See trips to Hungary Population: 10 mill. Capital: Budapest Language: Hungarian… Read More »

Hungary Economy

ECONOMY: AGRICULTURE, LIVESTOCK AND FISHING In Hungary, agriculture is still a rather weak sector, mainly characterized by the presence of small farms with a traditional economy. Mechanization is now a consolidated fact and constitutes the strong point for a desirable development, together with the presence of very favorable environmental conditions: the arable land and arborescent… Read More »