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Iraq Old History

Iraq is an independent nation in Western Asia. With the capital city of Baghdad, Iraq 2020 population is estimated at 40,222,504 according to countryaah. The modern state of Iraq is young, founded in the 20th century under British supervision, but the area around Euphrates and Tigris has been the scene of some of the oldest… Read More »

All About Iraq Country

Brief information Iraq is often called “the cradle of human civilization”, which is one hundred percent true. It was on the territory of modern Iraq in the valley of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that the Sumerian civilization was formed 5 thousand years ago. Unfortunately, it is not very safe for tourists to visit this… Read More »

The Kurds Part 3

  8: The Kurds and the fight against IS During 2014 and 2015, the PYD-controlled Kurdish areas in Syria have been under attack from IS, which controls the areas further south with an Arab Sunni Muslim population. IS was close to overpowering the PYD in the city of Kubane , one of the autonomous Kurdish… Read More »

The Kurds Part 2

Since 2005, the KRG has been relatively stable despite the strong contradictions that still prevail between the PUK and the KDP and despite the emergence of IS and the war in Syria and Iraq. The area has also had a strong economic development in recent decades. This is largely due to oil deposits and increased… Read More »

The Kurds Part 1

The Kurds are considered the largest ethnic group in the world without a separate state. They live in an area that stretches over parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. They even call this area Kurdistan. For almost a hundred years, a number of Kurdish political movements have fought for independence in this area. Today,… Read More »