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Italy Old History

Italy is an independent nation in Southern Europe. With the capital city of Rome, Italy 2020 population is estimated at 60,461,837 according to countryaah. The oldest finds show that the area that today constitutes Italy was inhabited by the human species Homo erectus already 700,000 years ago. The many different Indo-European peoples who go by… Read More »

Places to Visit in Campania, Italy

According to Phonecations, the Campania region is a region in the southern part of Italy. The capital Naples, the volcano Vesuvius and the ancient city of Pompeii are among the main attractions of the region. There are quite a few inscriptions on the UNESCO World Heritage List in the Campania region. This has everything to… Read More »

Florence (Italy)

Arnolfo di Cambio – that was the name of the architect, whose work, perhaps, to the greatest extent determined the character of Florence at the turn of the XIII-XIV centuries. He began the construction of the grandiose Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Translated from Italian, it means “Saint Mary with a flower.” The gigantic… Read More »

All About Italy Country

Brief information The famous Russian poet Alexander Blok, having visited Italy, wrote 24 poems about this amazing country in 1909, which were included in his cycle “Italian Poems”. Any tourist who visits Italy feels the same enthusiastic impression of Italy, even if he is not a poet. Ancient Roman architectural monuments, unique palaces, castles, cathedrals,… Read More »

Italy Census

It is very difficult to calculate the Italian population in past eras, especially before the nineteenth century, because the bases for the calculations are extremely uncertain. G. Beloch calculated the population of peninsular Italy (excluding Cisalpine Gaul and the islands) before the Hannibal war, at 5 million inhabitants, but the calculation, based on the information handed… Read More »

Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part III

5: Italian politics The structure of the business community with the many small, self-employed people also has a political side: Self-employed people in most countries are naturally to the right. They are against high taxes and state control and skeptical of certain aspects of modern capitalism, such as globalization, large national and international corporations and… Read More »

Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part II

Some of this cultural heritage is part of Italy’s economic problem today: the tax evasion keeps large revenues away from the state, which could have been used to repay the debt, support the unemployed youth, kindergartens, etc. Corruption and organized crime make the best and The most affordable offers do not win the competition for… Read More »

Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part I

Italy (see facts) could trigger collapse in euro cooperation. Under Silvio Berlusconi, the country’s large debt increased. This has created doubts as to whether the debt will be repaid. Thus, banks and finance companies have raised interest rates on government securities. The EU dictated Italy to change government, raise taxes and cut pensions and other… Read More »