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Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part III

5: Italian politics The structure of the business community with the many small, self-employed people also has a political side: Self-employed people in most countries are naturally to the right. They are against high taxes and state control and skeptical of certain aspects of modern capitalism, such as globalization, large national and international corporations and… Read More »

Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part II

Some of this cultural heritage is part of Italy’s economic problem today: the tax evasion keeps large revenues away from the state, which could have been used to repay the debt, support the unemployed youth, kindergartens, etc. Corruption and organized crime make the best and The most affordable offers do not win the competition for… Read More »

Italy – an Eurozone Country in Crisis Part I

Italy (see facts) could trigger collapse in euro cooperation. Under Silvio Berlusconi, the country’s large debt increased. This has created doubts as to whether the debt will be repaid. Thus, banks and finance companies have raised interest rates on government securities. The EU dictated Italy to change government, raise taxes and cut pensions and other… Read More »