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According to allcountrylist, Jordan is a small, developing country located in the Middle East. Its economy is largely dependent on foreign aid and remittances, but it also relies heavily on its natural resources. Jordan’s GDP was estimated at $51 billion in 2019 and its population was 10.2 million people. The economy is composed of three main sectors: services, industry, and agriculture. The services sector makes up the largest portion of Jordan’s GDP, accounting for around 62%. It includes banking finance services, telecommunications services as well as other professional services such as legal advice and consultancy services. Additionally, tourism has become an increasingly important part of Jordan’s economy over recent years; it contributes around 8% to the country’s GDP and employs around 250 thousand people. The industrial sector makes up roughly 25% of Jordan’s total output and includes manufacturing, mining, construction, and utilities. Manufacturing is the largest component within this sector and accounts for about 17% of GDP. Products made in Jordan include textiles and clothing, furniture products as well as food processing such as olive oil production. Agriculture makes up only 13% of Jordan’s total output but still plays an important role in the country’s economy; it provides food security as well as employment opportunities for many rural communities across the nation. Wheat is by far the most important crop grown in Jordan followed by other grains such as barley and oats, vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers as well as fruits like apples and oranges. Livestock farming also plays an important role in agriculture; sheep are raised for meat production while goats are raised for dairy products like cheese. Additionally, there are some mineral resources found in Jordan such as potash (used to make fertilizer) phosphates (used to make detergent) copper (used for electrical wiring), zinc (used for galvanizing steel) uranium (used for nuclear power generation), gypsum (used to make plaster-of-Paris) salt (used to preserve food), sulfur (used to make sulfuric acid) oil shale (for fuel extraction). Jordan’s agricultural history is long and complex. It dates back to ancient times and has been a crucial part of the country’s economy. In the early days, Jordanians relied heavily on rain-fed agriculture in the valleys for their food production, such as wheat and barley. Livestock husbandry was also an important part of their subsistence economy. As time progressed and population increased, more advanced techniques were adopted to increase crop yields, such as terracing and irrigation systems. By the 20th century, agricultural production had increased significantly thanks to modern technology and improved irrigation methods. Jordan began exporting its produce to other countries in the region, helping to boost its economy. The government also invested heavily in research and development of new varieties of crops which were more resistant to drought and pests, further increasing yields. Today, Jordan is one of the leading producers of fruits and vegetables in the Middle East region due to its advanced agricultural practices. It also produces a variety of grains including wheat, barley, millet, corn, oats and rye which are exported around the world. Furthermore, livestock husbandry remains an important part of agriculture in Jordan with cattle being a major source of income for many farmers. Despite facing challenges from climate change and water scarcity in recent years, Jordan continues to be an important producer of food for both domestic consumption as well as export markets. Check topmbadirectory for how to get to Jordan.

Jordan Old History

Jordan is an independent nation in Western Asia. With the capital city of Amman, Jordan 2020 population is estimated at 10,203,145 according to countryaah. Many different peoples have contested the power of what is today’s Jordan over time. In the 600s, Arabs subjugated the region, in the 16th century it was captured by the Turks,… Read More »

All About Jordan Country

Brief information Ancient Jordan occupies a strategic position in the Middle East. For many centuries, Jordan was the scene of wars between Arabs and Christians (crusaders). Now Jordan is a prosperous country, which has preserved thousands of unique monuments of archeology and history. In addition, there are several excellent beach and spa resorts in Jordan.… Read More »