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SCO and CAN at a Glance

THE SCO AT A GLANCE Background The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (abbreviated as SCO according to BESTEDUCATIONSCHOOLS.COM) is an international organization founded in June 2001. It emerged from the organization founded in 1996 as “Shanghai 5” by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. In the same year (2001) Uzbekistan joined the SCO. India and Pakistan were… Read More »

Kazakhstan Overview

(Qazaqstan Respūblīkasy). Central-western Asian state (2,724,900 km²). Capital: Astana. Administrative division: provinces (14), cities (3). Population: 15,571,506 residents (2008 estimate). Language: Kazakh (official), Russian, German, Ukrainian. Religion: Muslims 47%, non-religious / atheists 40.2%, Orthodox 8.2%, Protestants 2.1%, others 2.5%. Currency unit: tenge (100 tiyn). Human Development Index: 0.807 (71st place). Borders: Russia (NW and N),… Read More »