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All About Lebanon Country

Brief information Lebanon has experienced many wars in its long history. But the wars could not destroy the unique nature of this country with its age-old cedar groves, mountains, valleys and beaches. In Lebanon, tourists can, for example, go skiing in the mountains in the morning, and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean… Read More »

Lebanon Travel Guide

ON THE GO Traveling by plane There are no domestic flights. On the way by car / bus Right-hand traffic. Good brakes, horns and quick reactions are important in road traffic. Road signs and direction signs, if they exist, are in Arabic. Traffic lights and speed limits are not always observed by the locals. Drivers… Read More »

Lebanon Overview

GENERAL Official name of the state Lebanese Republic Capital Beirut. Geography According to agooddir, Lebanon is at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and borders Syria to the north and east and Israel to the south. The fertile plateau of the Beka’a is framed by the Lebanon (Jebel Lubnan), the Anti-Lebanon Mountains and Mount Hermon.… Read More »