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Libya Old History

Libya is an independent nation in Northern Africa. With the capital city of Tripoli, Libya 2020 population is estimated at 6,871,303 according to countryaah. The area that today constitutes the state of Libya has previously been controlled by, among others, Romans, Arabs and Turks, but historically has never been a united territory. Modern Libya was… Read More »

Libya Economic Conditions Between 1936 and 1959

Despite the unfavorable physical environment, the Libyan economy is always based, mainly, on agriculture and livestock, in those areas that are susceptible to use and which were already in the process of progressive enhancement in the last period of domination Italian, but which subsequently contracted for the expulsion of the Italian colonists. This exodus was… Read More »

The Arab Spring: Ten Years Later Part 1

It is now ten years since the Arab Spring swept over several countries in the Middle East. Does it have more democracy? What was the Arab Spring? Why did Tunisia do so well? Why was there a civil war in Syria? Did the result become more or less democracy? On December 17, 2010, the Tunisian… Read More »

Cyrene Ruins (World Heritage)

Cyrene was founded as a Greek colony from Thera and was the oldest and most important Greek city in modern-day Libya. According to directoryaah, it lies in a depression in the Achdar highlands in Cyrenaica. Among the noteworthy monuments are the Temple of Apollo from the 7th century BC. BC, the temple of Demeter and… Read More »