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Liechtenstein Old History

Liechtenstein is an independent nation in Western Europe. With the capital city of Vaduz, Liechtenstein 2020 population is estimated at 38,139 according to countryaah. The county of Liechtenstein was formed in 1719 when an Austrian prince family named Liechtenstein bought two counties that were merged. The area was part of the vast German-Roman Empire. The… Read More »

Working and Living in Liechtenstein

Area: 160.477 km² Residents: 38,111 (December 31, 2017) Population density: 237 E / km² Form of Government: Constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic-parliamentary basis Neighboring countries: Switzerland, Austria State capital: Vaduz National language: German Religions: 75.7% Roman Catholic, 7th % Protestant, 4.2% Muslim, 0.13% Jehovah’s Witnesses Currency: Swiss francs (CHF) 1 CHF = 100 cents Exchange rates: 1 EUR = 1.09 CHF 1… Read More »