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All About Lithuania Country

Brief information Many Europeans believe that Lithuania is a country whose inhabitants play basketball all the time. In some ways, they are, of course, right, given the achievements of the Lithuanian national basketball team. However, Lithuania is interesting for tourists not only for its basketball traditions. This ancient country has a large number of different… Read More »

Lithuania Early History

Located in the center of the other Baltic populations – Borussi, Jatvingi, Latvians – the Lithuanians enjoyed, thanks to their greater isolation, relative tranquility until the beginning of the century. XIII when the Teutonic Knights Porta-Croce and Porta-Spada began to attack them under the pretext of converting them to Christianity. The Teutonic threat induced the… Read More »

Lithuania Geography and Society

Relief Lithuanian territory is flat, more rugged than that of the other two Baltic republics (Estonia and Latvia) and occupies a sector of the Baltorusian plain, designed in part by glacial erosion. Towards the East and South of the country, the monotony of the relief is interrupted by the presence of several hills that do… Read More »