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According to allcountrylist, Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country with a diversified economy that is heavily reliant on exports. The country is known for its palm oil, rubber, tin and petroleum exports. Agriculture accounts for about 10% of GDP and employs about 13% of the labor force. The main crops are rice, rubber, oil palm and cocoa while other crops include bananas, pepper, coconuts and pineapple. Fishing is also an important sector in Malaysia as it provides employment to about 300 thousand people and accounts for 1% of GDP. The majority of fish caught are used for human consumption while some are exported to other countries. Livestock is another important economic activity in Malaysia with poultry being the most widely raised animal species followed by cattle and pigs. The country exports hides and skins as well as meat to other countries while some products are used domestically for consumption or sale in local markets. Mining is another major sector in Malaysia, with minerals such as tin ore, iron ore, bauxite and gold being extracted from the country’s rich deposits. Other minerals extracted include copper ore which is exported to other countries for processing or sale on international markets. Manufacturing is also a significant contributor to GDP with electronics being the most important industry followed by chemicals production and food processing. Malaysia has a rich history of agriculture that dates back to the late 19th century when it was part of the British Empire. During this period, the country’s agricultural production was mainly focused on cash crops such as rubber, palm oil and tin. This provided much-needed revenue for the nation’s economy, but also led to an increased reliance on imported food items. In the aftermath of World War II and with the establishment of independence in 1957, the government implemented a number of policies to promote agricultural development and reduce reliance on imported food items. These included investment in irrigation systems and infrastructure, as well as incentives for farmers to increase their yields through improved techniques such as crop rotation and fertilizer use. Today, Malaysia is one of Asia’s leading agricultural producers with an estimated total value of production around RM 62 billion (USD 14 billion) annually. The main crops grown are rice, oil palm, rubber and cocoa while other important commodities include vegetables, fruits, sugarcane and livestock products such as poultry and eggs. In recent years there has been increasing emphasis on diversifying agricultural production in order to ensure food security for the country’s growing population while also providing sustainable income opportunities for farmers. In addition to this, efforts are being made to reduce reliance on rain-fed agriculture by introducing irrigation systems as well as new technologies such as mechanization which can help increase yields from fewer resources. See smber for Malaysia Agriculture and Fishing.

Malaysia Old History

Malaysia is an independent nation in Southeastern Asia. With the capital city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2020 population is estimated at 32,366,010 according to countryaah. When Indian and Chinese traders came to the Malacca peninsula about 2,000 years ago, the Malays were there. At the beginning of the 15th century, Malacka was founded, which became… Read More »

Malaysia Market Opportunities

The covid-19 pandemic, together with the strict measures of the Malaysian government, significantly affected external demand and domestic growth in 2020. The various phases of movement restrictions and economic activity have resulted in the Malaysian economy recording negative growth for three consecutive quarters (Q1 2020: 0.7%; Q2 2020: -17.1%; Q3 2020: -4.0%; Q4 2020: -3.4%).… Read More »

All About Malaysia Country

Brief information In Malaysia, five-star hotels are built next to ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, and small houses on stilts are visible from skyscrapers. In other words, past and present in Malaysia successfully coexist together. Thanks to this, tourists can not only comfortably relax in Malaysia on beautiful beaches, but also spend time with interest,… Read More »