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Morocco Old History

Morocco is an independent nation in Northern Africa. With the capital city of Rabat, Morocco 2020 population is estimated at 36,910,571 according to countryaah. Today’s Moroccan kingship has roots in the 700s, but the empire’s size and influence has changed significantly during the different dynasties. The current lineage, the Alaouites, took power in the mid-17th… Read More »

All About Morocco Country

Brief information You can get from Spain by ferry to Morocco in just one hour, however, it seems that you are coming to some completely different world. This world is dominated by Islamic culture and traditions, where, despite the cosmopolitan cities of Rabat and Casablanca, everything is reminiscent of the distant past. In turn, Fez… Read More »

Morocco Architecture

The period between the two world wars has produced not insignificant episodes in Morocco, testifying to a sincere concern for architectural integration between Westernizing currents and the context of local tradition. In the French colonies and protectorates, during the general governorship of Marshal Lyautey, there was a great effort to integrate Moroccan culture with that… Read More »