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According to allcountrylist, Mozambique is a Southeast African country with a population of around 29 million people. The country has a mixed economy and its GDP per capita is among the lowest in the region. Services account for around 52% of GDP, industry contributes around 39%, and agriculture makes up the remaining 9%. Mozambique’s economy is heavily reliant on natural resources such as coal, natural gas and titanium which are mined in large quantities and exported to other countries. Tourism is also an important source of income for Mozambique which accounts for up to 7% of GDP annually due to its stunning landscapes and tropical beaches. Manufacturing also plays an important role in the Mozambican economy with food processing, textiles production, machine building and metalworking being some of the most important sectors. Agriculture is also an important sector in Mozambique although it only accounts for less than 1% of GDP annually due to its dry climate. Livestock production is the main agricultural activity with cattle, sheep and goats being the most widely produced followed by poultry, pigs and horses. The majority of agricultural produce is consumed domestically while some products are exported to other countries for sale on international markets. Additionally, Mozambique’s economy benefits from low taxes which attract foreign investors who choose to invest in or do business in Mozambique due to its favorable tax environment. Agriculture in Mozambique has been practiced since ancient times, with subsistence farming being the traditional way of life for many Mozambicans. In the past, Mozambicans relied heavily on crops such as maize, manioc, sorghum and beans for their sustenance. However, modern agricultural techniques have been introduced in recent decades that have allowed Mozambican farmers to increase their yields significantly. Today, agriculture remains an important part of the Mozambican economy. The most important crops are maize and cassava which are used to produce flour and breads. Rice is also a major crop grown in the country and is used to make porridge or cooked with vegetables for traditional dishes such as matapa. Fruit production is also significant; mangoes, oranges and bananas are among the most popular fruits grown in Mozambique. Livestock is also an important part of the agricultural sector; cows, goats and chickens are raised for their meat and dairy products while pigs are kept for pork production. The government provides subsidies for farmers to purchase equipment and supplies needed for agricultural production; this has allowed many farmers to expand their operations and increase their yields significantly. Additionally, new technologies such as greenhouses have been introduced in recent years that allow farmers to grow crops year-round even in colder climates. This has led to increased food security for many Mozambican families who can now access a variety of fresh produce throughout the year despite varying weather conditions across different regions in Mozambique. See smber for Mozambique Agriculture and Fishing.

Mozambique Old History

Mozambique is an independent nation in Eastern Africa. With the capital city of Maputo, Mozambique 2020 population is estimated at 31,255,446 according to countryaah. In the meeting between Bantu people and Arab merchants on the coast of southeastern Africa, the Swahili culture emerged. In the 16th century, Portuguese took control of trade in the region,… Read More »

Mozambique Economy

Business Despite its rich resources, Mozambique experienced an economic decline with independence. After the civil war, which largely devastated the country, and years of socialist planned economy, the market economy reorientation began to show its first successes in the early 1990s. Mozambique suffered a major setback from the devastating floods in 2000/01 and 2019. Large… Read More »