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According to allcountrylist, Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with a population of around 53 million people. The country has a mixed economy and its GDP per capita is among the lowest in the region. Services account for around 45% of GDP, industry contributes around 38%, and agriculture makes up the remaining 17%. Myanmar’s economy is heavily reliant on natural resources such as oil, natural gas and timber which are mined in large quantities and exported to other countries. Tourism is also an important source of income for Myanmar which accounts for up to 8% of GDP annually due to its stunning landscapes, ancient sites and unique culture. Manufacturing also plays an important role in the Burmese economy with food processing, textiles production, machine building and metalworking being some of the most important sectors. Agriculture is also an important sector in Myanmar although it only accounts for less than 3% of GDP annually due to its dry climate. Livestock production is the main agricultural activity with cattle, goats and pigs being the most widely produced followed by poultry, sheep and horses. The majority of agricultural produce is consumed domestically while some products are exported to other countries for sale on international markets. Additionally, Myanmar’s economy benefits from low taxes which attract foreign investors who choose to invest in or do business in Myanmar due to its favorable tax environment. Agriculture has been a part of the Myanmar culture for centuries. Rice has been the main staple crop, and it is still an important part of the Myanmar diet today. Other crops grown in Myanmar include maize, sesame, millet, cotton and pulses. In addition to these crops, the country also produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices. In recent decades, new technologies have been introduced in Myanmar that have allowed farmers to increase their yields significantly. These include modern irrigation techniques, improved fertilizers and pesticides as well as mechanized farming equipment. Additionally, greenhouses have been constructed in various parts of the country that allow farmers to grow crops year-round even in colder climates. The government provides subsidies for farmers to purchase equipment and supplies needed for agricultural production; this has allowed many farmers to expand their operations and increase their yields significantly. Additionally, new technologies such as greenhouses have been introduced in recent years that allow farmers to grow crops year-round even in colder climates. This has led to increased food security for many Myanmarese families who can now access a variety of fresh produce throughout the year despite varying weather conditions across different regions in Myanmar. See smber for Burma Agriculture and Fishing.

Myanmar Agriculture, Fishing and Forestry

According to Businesscarriers, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a Southeast Asian nation that is home to over 54 million people. It is bordered by India and Bangladesh to the west, China to the north and east, Thailand and Laos to the east, and the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal to the south. Myanmar… Read More »

Myanmar Old History

Burma is an independent nation in Southeastern Asia. With the capital city of Naypyidaw, Burma 2020 population is estimated at 54,409,811 according to countryaah. Until the 19th century, a number of different groups of people lived essentially separate from each other and developed their own culture and character. On three occasions, however, the majority of… Read More »

All About Myanmar Country

Brief information Sometimes Myanmar is still called Burma, although this name has long since “sunk into oblivion”. It seems to us that it would be more correct to call Myanmar, as some tourists already do, the “Golden Country”, because there you can see hundreds of Buddhist pagodas shining in the sun. Beach lovers will definitely… Read More »

Cities and Regions of Myanmar

YANGON The capital of the country. Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, with its five million inhabitants, is a classic Asian metropolis. Colonial quarters of the former British Rangoon side by side here with Chinese temples, and at the foot of modern high-rise buildings there is a brisk trade in something tasty from mobile street stalls. Men… Read More »

Myanmar Geography

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY The population of Myanmar took place, as in the whole Indochinese area, following the descent of people of Tibetan and Chinese origin from the mountains and the northern valley towards the plains, where they overlapped the pre-existing groups of Indonesian origin. The central plains represent the true heart of the country and one… Read More »