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All About Myanmar Country

Brief information Sometimes Myanmar is still called Burma, although this name has long since “sunk into oblivion”. It seems to us that it would be more correct to call Myanmar, as some tourists already do, the “Golden Country”, because there you can see hundreds of Buddhist pagodas shining in the sun. Beach lovers will definitely… Read More »

Cities and Regions of Myanmar

YANGON The capital of the country. Myanmar’s largest city, Yangon, with its five million inhabitants, is a classic Asian metropolis. Colonial quarters of the former British Rangoon side by side here with Chinese temples, and at the foot of modern high-rise buildings there is a brisk trade in something tasty from mobile street stalls. Men… Read More »

Myanmar Geography

HUMAN GEOGRAPHY The population of Myanmar took place, as in the whole Indochinese area, following the descent of people of Tibetan and Chinese origin from the mountains and the northern valley towards the plains, where they overlapped the pre-existing groups of Indonesian origin. The central plains represent the true heart of the country and one… Read More »