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See smber for New Zealand Agriculture and Fishing.

New Zealand Old History

New Zealand is an independent nation in Polynesia. With the capital city of Wellington, New Zealand 2020 population is estimated at 4,822,244 according to countryaah. Probably the Maoris from Polynesia in the Pacific came to New Zealand between the 800s and 1200s. The Europeans became known to the Europeans in 1642. In the 19th century,… Read More »

Travel to New Zealand on Your Own

Get off to a great start on your journey in New Zealand with this starter kit. We arrange the first two nights in a hostel, so that you get a good start on your journey in New Zealand listed on findjobdescriptions. Travel around New Zealand at your own pace. Whether you are traveling as a backpacker or… Read More »

Bus & Backpacking around New Zealand

Discover New Zealand with a bus pass in hand. Hop on and off the bus as you please and see the best of New Zealand as you meet new travel buddies for life. See hotels in New Zealand on ehotelat. This trip shows you the best of New Zealand – both the North Island and the… Read More »

Working Holiday Visa to New Zealand

With a Working Holiday visa, you can combine your trip to New Zealand with a work period. It is a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of new people and have many exciting experiences. Learn more about New Zealand on ebizdir. New Zealand and Sweden have a collaboration that makes it possible for Swedish citizens to… Read More »

Family Trip to New Zealand and Thailand

Make a road trip with the family in New Zealand in your own motorhome. Enjoy the freedom, the friendly people and the fantastic nature. On the way home you stay in beautiful Thailand for a nice and relaxed sun holiday. See map of New Zealand on directoryaah. This trip is a wonderful combination of adventure and relaxation. Both… Read More »

New Zealand and French Polynesia

Take a road trip in the world’s most beautiful country, New Zealand and end with relaxation in paradisiacal French Polynesia. New Zealand great for a road trip. The nature is outstanding, the population very hospitable, the roads good and the distances affordable. You experience everything in a rented mini-camper but you have full freedom to drive exactly… Read More »

Active Adventure in New Zealand

Rafting, glacier hiking, trekking, helicopter rides, sea kayaking – all this awaits you on this fantastic road trip. Along the way you stay in hostels and small cozy B & Bs – but the focus is on the experiences that are included! See history of New Zealand on Agooddir. The coolest experiences await! You will try rafting,… Read More »