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Norway Old History

Norway is an independent nation in Northern Europe. With the capital city of Oslo, Norway 2020 population is estimated at 5,421,252 according to countryaah. In the 11th century, Olav Haraldsson laid the foundation for the United Kingdom of Norway. In 1380, a Danish-Norwegian union was established, which was ruled from Copenhagen and came to last… Read More »

All About Norway Country

Brief information Norway, due to the fact that there is a polar day from May to July, is sometimes called the “Land of the Midnight Sun”. This, of course, is a mysterious and even somewhat romantic name, but it does not cause a strong desire to come to this country. However, Norway is not only… Read More »

Norway Human Geography

Inhabited perhaps from the VIII-VII millennium BC, Norway since the most remote age is characterized by being populated by people devoted above all to navigation and therefore to flourishing trade, also practiced with the Romans, while very poor activities, even considered despicable, they were agriculture and pastoralism. Rock engravings dating back to the Bronze Age… Read More »

Norway and Russia Part I

Are we heading for a new Cold War? What is behind the more powerful Russian foreign policy? How is the relationship between Norway and Russia? 2: History Ever since Norway became independent in 1905, relations with its great neighbor to the east have played an important role in Norwegian foreign and security policy. Today, Russia… Read More »

Norway and Russia Part II

5: Environmental and resource cooperation In addition to Barents co-operation, both countries have focused on other forms of bilateral and multilateral co-operation in the north. An important and dangerous part of the legacy of the Soviet era is large amounts of nuclear waste collected on the Kola Peninsula not far from the Norwegian-Russian border. Because… Read More »

Norway – a Global Energy Producer Part I

Most people in Norway hardly seem to have noticed that Norwegian companies are building up as major global players. We see it when it comes to investments and energy production, first and foremost within oil and gas, but also within hydropower and wind power. Several of the companies have become world leaders in the production,… Read More »

Norway – a Global Energy Producer Part II

3: Out into the world with Statoil as locomotive Political decisions have thus set a solid framework for the oil business and the use of oil revenues in Norway. These were a particularly important precondition for the Norwegian state to get rid of all foreign debt in the 1990s. The oil business and oil revenues have… Read More »

Norway – a Global Energy Producer Part III

5: Angola – painful recent history Angola has a long and painful history. The country was a colony under Portugal for about 400 years. In 1963, a long struggle for liberation began. After Angola became an independent state in 1975, the struggle turned into an extensive and devastating civil war between the Marxist-oriented MPLA government… Read More »

Norway – a Global Energy Producer Part IV

Statkraft and SN Power Statkraft is a company with a history dating back to 1895 (predecessors to Statkraft which was established in 1992). The government at the time wanted to secure the state and public ownership of the most important natural resources. At that time it was waterfalls and water power. In our time, Statkraft… Read More »