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Pakistan Old History

Pakistan is an independent nation in Southern Asia. With the capital city of Islamabad, Pakistan 2020 population is estimated at 220,892,351 according to countryaah. Some of the world’s oldest cultures originated thousands of years ago along the Indus River. The area that today constitutes Pakistan has been shaped by Persians, Greeks, Indians, Arabs, Turks, Afghans… Read More »

All About Pakistan Country

Brief information Pakistan has a fascinating history. In the Indus Valley, one of the most ancient civilizations in the world was formed long ago. Pakistan was at the crossroads of the trade route between India, China and Ancient Rome. Unfortunately, due to the religious and political situation, it is not very safe for residents of… Read More »

Pakistan Modern History

HISTORY: FROM ITS FORMATION TO THE INDEPENDENCE OF BANGLADESH Since the 13th century, according to pharmacylib, the territory of Pakistan was ruled by several dynasties up to that of the Mughals and Muslim identity and power spread widely during the English colonization. In 1906, the All India Muslim League was founded, which laid the foundations… Read More »

Kashmir Conflict: Bad Neighbors since 1947 Part 2

However, much changed in the late 1980s. Local government became more corrupt, Delhi override increased, civil rights were violated. Similar things had happened in other states before, but the threat from Pakistan (which in 1965 had tried to conquer Kashmir) justified the presence of large military forces. In addition, the revolution in Iran, the war… Read More »

Kashmir Conflict: Bad Neighbors since 1947

India and Pakistan have been arguing over Kashmir for over 70 years. This summer, the conflict flared up again. What is the Kashmir conflict about? Who is involved? Why has the conflict lasted so long? Is there a solution? In August 2019, the protracted conflict over Kashmir took a new turn. The Indian parliament repealed… Read More »

SCO and CAN at a Glance

THE SCO AT A GLANCE Background The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (abbreviated as SCO according to ETAIZHOU) is an international organization founded in June 2001. It emerged from the organization founded in 1996 as “Shanghai 5” by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. In the same year (2001) Uzbekistan joined the SCO. India and Pakistan were… Read More »

Bangladesh vs Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

Bangladesh Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and has over 5.3 million inhabitants. It is a very fast growing city and is therefore one of the 30 megacities in the world. A great many people in the city of Dhaka live in the slums. With more than 7000 inhabitants per km², the capital is very… Read More »