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All About Poland Country

Brief information Poland is of great interest to tourists, because this country has a large number of architectural and historical monuments, beautiful nature with lakes and ancient forests, the Baltic Sea, numerous balneological and ski resorts. That is why tens of millions of tourists come to Poland every year… Geography of Poland Poland is located… Read More »

Poland Demographics 1970

Division. – The administrative subdivision in the Polish People’s Republic has been changed since 10 June 1975, so that the 312,677 km 2, corresponding to the surface of the country, are divided into 49 voivodships. These modifications, which became necessary for a more rational application of economic-territorial planning, coincided with the elimination of the “intermediate” administrative… Read More »

Poland Medieval Arts – Greater Poland and Kuyavian

The Great Poland, which for the most part extends into the lower and middle Warta basin, currently occupies the voivodships of Poznań, Leszno, Kalisz and Konin. The denomination Polonia Maior appears for the first time in 1257 together with Polonia Magna, while the Polish correspondent Wielka Polska (od. Wielkopolska) appears to have been used since… Read More »