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According to allcountrylist, Romania is a Central European country with a population of around 19 million people. It has a mixed economy with both private and public sectors contributing to the overall economic performance. The main economic sectors in Romania are services, industry and agriculture. The services sector in Romania is the largest contributor to GDP, making up around 65% of total GDP in 2019. This includes activities such as retail, banking and finance, transport and communications among many others. This sector has seen growth at a rate of 5% annually over the last decade and provides employment for around 60% of the population. Industry is another important economic sector in Romania, making up around 25% of total GDP in 2019. This includes activities such as manufacturing, construction and mining among others. In terms of employment this sector makes up around 15% of total employment and has seen growth at an average rate of 3%. Agriculture is also an important economic sector in Romania, making up around 10% of total GDP in 2019. This includes crop cultivation such as wheat or barley as well as animal husbandry such as cows or sheep. In terms of employment this sector provides jobs for around 5% of the population while also providing export opportunities to nearby countries such as Bulgaria or Hungary. In recent years Romania has been working towards improving its business environment by introducing reforms such as reducing red tape, improving access to capital markets and encouraging foreign investment into the country through incentives such as tax breaks or free trade zones (FTZ). These measures have helped attract foreign investors which has helped improve infrastructure development projects such as roads or airports which will further help boost economic growth in Romania over time. Romanian agriculture has a long and varied history that stretches back to the Neolithic period. During this time, subsistence farming was the primary means of food production. People grew crops such as wheat, rye, barley and oats as well as raising animals such as sheep, goats and cattle for meat and dairy products. As with other parts of Europe at this time, much of the land was owned by feudal lords who held it in exchange for labor or military service from peasant farmers. In the late 19th century Romania began to modernize its agricultural sector with the introduction of new technologies such as mechanized equipment and improved irrigation systems. This enabled farmers to increase their yields and produce more food than ever before. During this period there was also a shift towards cash crops such as tobacco, sugar beets and sunflowers which were exported to other European countries. After World War II Romania underwent a period of rapid industrialization which saw agriculture become increasingly mechanized and commercialized. This included the introduction of large-scale state-run farms which produced much of the country’s food supply. In addition to this there were also small-scale family farms which focused on producing for local markets rather than export markets. In recent years Romania has seen an increased focus on sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming and agroforestry which aim to reduce soil erosion, conserve water resources and improve biodiversity in rural areas. In addition to this there has been a move towards diversification with farmers growing a range of different crops in order to reduce risk from price fluctuations or crop failure due to disease or pests. Despite these advances Romanian agriculture still faces challenges from climate change, soil degradation and inadequate infrastructure which limit productivity in many areas. See smber for Romania Agriculture and Fishing.

Romania Old History

Romania is an independent nation in Eastern Europe. With the capital city of Bucharest, Romania 2020 population is estimated at 19,237,702 according to countryaah. Romania has had historical conflicts with Hungary about Transylvania in the west and with Russia about Bessarabia in the east. Modern Romania was founded since the Principality of Moldova and Valakia… Read More »

All About Romania Country

Brief information Most of the tourists who come to Romania remain under the great impression of this country. Many residents of Western Europe and the United States for some reason do not have a very good opinion about Romania, but it changes in the opposite direction after they personally visit it. Indeed, one cannot remain… Read More »

Romania During and After World War I

At the outbreak of the world war, Romania was, it is true, linked with the Triplex and its king could hide sympathy for the central powers, but public opinion was, however, for France and for the Entente. The example of Italy’s declaration of neutrality was very useful, which also led to that of Romania (see… Read More »