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Russia Arts and Dance

ARTS The first years of the century. XIX saw Russian architecture linger in the neoclassical tradition, accompanied by a great attention to the urban insertion of public buildings in the context of the city. Major achievement of the period was the Cathedral of the Virgin of Kazan in St. Petersburg, by AN Voronihin, 1801-11. The… Read More »

Russia Traditions

The variety of the territory and the multiplicity of peoples make the country very rich in popular traditions, often expressed in songs and dances evoked by folkloric ensembles that in the Soviet period were of the state and known all over the world. With the birth of the Russian Federation, the economic problems of the… Read More »

Putin’s Russia Part I

Today’s media coverage is marked by the story of a self-assertive and aggressive Russia. The contrast is great to the weak and shaky country Russia appeared as at the beginning of the 2000s when today’s strong man in Russian politics, Vladimir Putin first came to power. Russia’s history has since been, for better or worse,… Read More »

Putin’s Russia Part II

4: Between partnership and self-assertion The last year has been marked by a historically bad relationship with the West. However, Putin began his reign with an outstretched hand . Yeltsin had been able to draw on international recognition for his role in the dismantling of the Soviet Union. Putin had to rely on Russia’s severely… Read More »

Putin’s Russia Part III

So far there has been a lot of talk about modernization, but few concrete results. The heyday of the 2000s became a sleeping pad . In recent years, the government has prioritized economic and social stability over necessary but unpopular reforms. Most agree that reforms are required, but in the current situation with both economic… Read More »

Norway and Russia Part I

Are we heading for a new Cold War? What is behind the more powerful Russian foreign policy? How is the relationship between Norway and Russia? 2: History Ever since Norway became independent in 1905, relations with its great neighbor to the east have played an important role in Norwegian foreign and security policy. Today, Russia… Read More »

Norway and Russia Part II

5: Environmental and resource cooperation In addition to Barents co-operation, both countries have focused on other forms of bilateral and multilateral co-operation in the north. An important and dangerous part of the legacy of the Soviet era is large amounts of nuclear waste collected on the Kola Peninsula not far from the Norwegian-Russian border. Because… Read More »

The Chechen Conflict in a Historical Perspective Part III

This war was launched as an anti-terror campaign in which a key motive was the desire to overcome crime and terrorism that undoubtedly spread from Chechnya. Nevertheless, the decision to go to a new war must also be understood in the light of the desire for revenge and the desire to restore territorial control. Like… Read More »

The Chechen Conflict in a Historical Perspective Part II

After Stalin’s death in 1953, however, several deported ethnic groups were allowed to return, including the Chechens. In 1957, Chechnya – Ingushetia was officially restored, and many Chechens bought back their homes with compensation money they had received. Nevertheless, throughout the period leading up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Chechnya-Ingushetia was a multi-ethnic… Read More »

The Chechen Conflict in a Historical Perspective Part I

The conflict in Chechnya appears to be the last leg of the war between international terrorist networks and the Western world. But this conflict has its roots over two hundred years ago: there are strikingly many parallels between the wars in the Caucasus in the 19th century and the wars in Chechnya over the past… Read More »

Georgia and Russia Part III

At the NATO summit in Bucharest in April 2008, a few months before the war in South Ossetia, these two views on NATO enlargement clashed. Those in favor of Georgian membership subsequently believed that Russian interference in South Ossetia could have been avoided if Georgia had received clearer and more positive signals. Those who believed… Read More »

Georgia and Russia Part II

Since this area may also seem less strategically important to Russia than Abkhazia, they might have expected that the Russians would not interfere to any great extent. But that was not the case. Russia launched a major counterattack in both South Ossetia and other parts of Georgia, and the Georgians suffered a crushing military defeat… Read More »

Georgia and Russia Part I

The armed conflict between Georgia and South Ossetia / Russia in August 2008 was a dramatic high point in Georgia’s recent history and a low point in relations between Georgia and Russia. What is the background to the conflict over South Ossetia? Who started the war in August 2008? # # What were the motives… Read More »

Russia-US Relationship: Contempt and Fascination

Growing mistrust and constant accusations from East and West have in recent years led to steep fronts between Russia and the United States, and relations are once again almost at a freezing point. At the same time, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have expressed support for each other. How are we to understand the… Read More »

Russia Geography

Russia – key data Area: 17,098,242 km² (of which land: 16,377,742 km², water: 720,500 km²). Russia is the largest country in the world. Population: 138.7 million residents (estimate July 2011, CIA,Russia has the ninth largest population in the world). Composition: Russians 79.8%, Tatars 3.8%, Ukrainians 2%, Bashkirs 1.2%, Chuvashes 1.1%, other or no information 12.1%… Read More »

SCO and CAN at a Glance

THE SCO AT A GLANCE Background The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (abbreviated as SCO according to BESTEDUCATIONSCHOOLS.COM) is an international organization founded in June 2001. It emerged from the organization founded in 1996 as “Shanghai 5” by China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan. In the same year (2001) Uzbekistan joined the SCO. India and Pakistan were… Read More »