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All About San Marino Country

Brief information More than 2 million tourists visit San Marino every year. At the same time, in San Marino itself there are only a little more than 30 thousand inhabitants. This means that San Marino is, albeit small, but a wonderful country for tourists. So, here are still preserved several medieval castles, which are considered… Read More »

San Marino Overview

(Republic of San Marino). Southern European state, enclave of Italy (61.16 km²). Capital: San Marino. Administrative division: municipality (9). Population: 31,006 (2007 estimate). Language: Italian. Religion: Catholics 88.9%, others 11.1%. Monetary unit: euro (100 cents). Borders: Emilia-Romagna (N), Marche (S). Member of: Council of Europe, UN and OSCE. Small enclave of the Italian state, the ancient Republic… Read More »