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Gomera Island (La Gomera) in Canary Islands, Spain

Gomera Island with an area of 378 sq. km is located west of the island of Tenerife. The island has rounded shapes, its diameter reaches 22 km. This is a great place for hiking. In the center of the island rises the Garajonay mountain range with the highest elevation of 1487 m, protected by the… Read More »

All About Spain Country

Brief information Flamenco music and dancing, bullfights, lots of sun and fantastic beaches… In fact, Spain has much more to offer tourists. Spain has been the cultural center of Europe for many centuries. In this country, a large number of monuments from the times of the Celts, Goths, Romans and Moors have been preserved. The… Read More »

Spain Figurative Arts and Architecture

To understand the events of art in Spain from 1960 to 1975, it is necessary to go back at least until 1957, when three very significant groups were founded: Parpalló, El Paso and Equipo 57, which in turn collected various previous contributions, such as those due to the 1941 Academia breve de critica de arte, the Dau al Set group and the… Read More »

Travel to Beautiful Cities in Spain

Here you will find study trips and round trips through the metropolises of Spain Madrid Take a tour of Castile, stay in Madrid, the capital of Spain and get to know a new side of this country. The highlights of this study trip to Madrid are the Royal Palace Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, Plaza de… Read More »

Novi Sad

The beautiful and glorious country of Serbia, with Belgrade as its capital and Nis in the south as a very popular tourist destination, will of course also offer destinations in the northern part of the country. In that case, it is the city of Novi Sad that stands out. If you are about to take… Read More »

Alicante Travel Guide

According to Abbreviation Finder, Alicante is known to many Norwegians as a destination with lots of sun, nightlife and lots of good food. For many years, the city has been one of Spain’s important port cities, and with almost 350,000 inhabitants, it is certainly a small city to count. The city of Alicante is located… Read More »