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According to allcountrylist, Thailand’s economy is heavily reliant on its exports and tourism industries. The country has a thriving agricultural sector, which accounts for around 10% of the country’s GDP. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice, accounting for more than 20% of global exports. Other key agricultural products include rubber, sugarcane, cassava, maize, coconuts and pineapples. The manufacturing sector is also important to Thailand’s economy and accounts for approximately 30% of its GDP. Automobiles and electronics are two of the most important manufactured goods exported from Thailand. The country is also a hub for textile production in Asia and is home to a large number of garment factories. Furthermore, Thailand has become an important center for computer hardware production in recent years as well as a leading producer of medical equipment such as MRI machines and CAT scanners. Finally, the services sector makes up around 60% of the Thai economy with financial services being the largest contributor followed by tourism and retail trade. Agriculture in Thailand has a long history, dating back to the ancient times when the first inhabitants of the region began to cultivate crops such as rice, maize, cassava and fruit. These early farmers also practiced animal husbandry with cows, pigs and chickens being the main sources of livestock. During the Ayutthaya period (1351-1767), agricultural production increased significantly due to improved irrigation systems which were developed by the Siamese monarchy. This period also saw an introduction of new crops such as sugarcane which were used for both domestic consumption and export. During the 19th century, Thailand began to focus on developing its agricultural sector as part of its modernization efforts. This saw an increase in mechanization and improved technology being adopted by farmers around the country which further increased crop yields. In addition to traditional crops such as rice and maize, other important commodities grown in Thailand include rubber, coconuts, palm oil, soybeans and tobacco. Today, agriculture remains a major sector of the economy accounting for around 10% of GDP and employing approximately 33% of the population. The main crops produced in Thailand are rice, maize and cassava while other important commodities include rubber, coconuts and palm oil. There has been an increased focus on sustainable farming practices over recent years with an emphasis on organic methods being adopted by many Thai farmers. This shift towards organic farming has seen an increase in production of various fruits including bananas and pineapples which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers around the world due to their high nutritional value. See collegesanduniversitiesinusa for Thailand Education and Training.

Thailand Old History

Thailand is an independent nation in Southeastern Asia. With the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand 2020 population is estimated at 69,799,989 according to countryaah. Unlike other countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has never been colonized. The country has been independent since the 13th century, with the exception of a few short periods of subjugation during… Read More »

All About Thailand Country

Brief information It is not for nothing that Thailand is called the “Land of Smiles”, because very polite and hospitable people who love to smile live there. Probably, the habit of smiling among Thais is developed from an early age under the influence of Buddhism. This is not surprising given that there are over 18,000… Read More »

First Impressions of Thailand

Bangkok, the “City of Angels” at the mouth of the Chao Phya River in the Gulf of Siam, with its 2.6 million inhabitants is one of the most exotic cities in the world. Extremes meet at all levels. Be it in the cultural area, in the architecture, with the people or up close when eating… Read More »

Thailand History and Education

Thailand, officially Prathet Thai or Muang Thai, German Kingdom of Thailand, until 1939 and 1946–49 Siam (formerly also Sayam), state in Southeast Asia with 69.4 million residents (2018); The capital is Bangkok. Strong position of the military In September 1957, Pibul Songgram was overthrown by a coup by the military leadership and the constitution was… Read More »

Family Trip to New Zealand and Thailand

Make a road trip with the family in New Zealand in your own motorhome. Enjoy the freedom, the friendly people and the fantastic nature. On the way home you stay in beautiful Thailand for a nice and relaxed sun holiday. See map of New Zealand on directoryaah. This trip is a wonderful combination of adventure and relaxation. Both… Read More »

Safety in Krabi, Thailand

Many first-time travelers to Thailand are concerned about many different things, and many are concerned with hygiene and safety. Food poisoning, various febrile illnesses like malaria and accidents scare those traveling to Krabi and elsewhere in Thailand. Many also recall the experiences of travelers twenty years ago, but Thailand has changed, tidied up, and modernized… Read More »

Bangkok as a Travel Destination

Bangkok’s large size and bustle, combined with the constant heat and large number of visitors, make it an awkward place to visit, where you have to spend many days or even weeks before you can catch up on your way of life in any way. The heat, the bustle and the cultural differences get used… Read More »

Bangkok Culture and Events

There are no actual cultural performances in Bangkok, but there are all kinds of performances, Thai boxing, events that some can get excited about and of course the nightlife, which is still one of the city’s trump cards. Performances There are various performances in Bangkok, such as dance and traditional music, but they are not… Read More »