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Turkey in the 1980’s and 1990’s

According to localcollegeexplorer, the military junta, chaired by General Kenar Evren, set up a National Security Council in September 1980 (Mïllî Güvenlik Konseyi), promulgated a provisional Constitution of 7 articles and proceeded to bring order to the country. A transitional government was established under Bulend Ulusu. In October 1981 a constituent assembly prepared the new… Read More »

Turkey Defense and Security

The army has historically played a very prominent role in Turkish public life. The democratization process therefore also passes through less interference by the army in politics. This interference is the result, on the one hand, of the peculiar role of guardian of the national institutional structure and, on the other, of the historical contingencies… Read More »

The Kurds Part 3

  8: The Kurds and the fight against IS During 2014 and 2015, the PYD-controlled Kurdish areas in Syria have been under attack from IS, which controls the areas further south with an Arab Sunni Muslim population. IS was close to overpowering the PYD in the city of Kubane , one of the autonomous Kurdish… Read More »

The Kurds Part 2

Since 2005, the KRG has been relatively stable despite the strong contradictions that still prevail between the PUK and the KDP and despite the emergence of IS and the war in Syria and Iraq. The area has also had a strong economic development in recent decades. This is largely due to oil deposits and increased… Read More »

The Kurds Part 1

The Kurds are considered the largest ethnic group in the world without a separate state. They live in an area that stretches over parts of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. They even call this area Kurdistan. For almost a hundred years, a number of Kurdish political movements have fought for independence in this area. Today,… Read More »

Turkey Trade, Communications and Tourism

Since ancient times, according to Constructmaterials, Turkey has played an important role in trade between Europe and Asia and, even today, the country represents a very important direction for relations between Europe and the Middle East. The Bosphorus (crossed since 1973 by a gigantic bridge, inaugurated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the… Read More »

Turkey Brief History

HISTORY: PREHISTORY Materials referable to the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic have been found in particular in the Antalya region, in the Kara’in cave. More recent frequentations are attested, in the same region, in the shelters of Belbasi and Beldibi, as well as levels with microlithic industries without geometric elements. Neolithic finds are much more abundant,… Read More »

Turkey Vacation Package

Plenty of sun, picturesque sandy beaches and the refreshing sea – a vacation in Turkey guarantees you all of that. Added to this are historical sites and impressive sights. Hardly any other country is as famous for its warm hospitality as Turkey. Lively and idyllic holiday resorts offer the perfect place under the sun for… Read More »