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Universal Studio Park, Orlando

Universal Studio Park (Orlando, USA) — detailed description, address and photo. Reviews of tourists about the best entertainment in Orlando. The city of Orlando, in Florida, is known primarily as a huge entertainment center, where everyone can find something to their liking. But one of the most interesting, bright and colorful clusters of various attractions… Read More »

Safari Park in New Jersey

Safari Park in New Jersey (New Jersey, USA): detailed description, address and photo. Opportunities for sports and recreation, infrastructure, cafes and restaurants in the park. Reviews of tourists. The USA is an ideal country in terms of entertainment for tourists of all ages. For children, there is just a huge number of different parks and… Read More »

All About United States Country

Brief information By European standards, the United States is considered a young state, which was formed at the end of the 18th century. Now this country influences the politics of most other states of the world. Tourists there will see huge cities and natural attractions of amazing beauty (for example, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls… Read More »

Washington State

US federated state, the northernmost of the northwestern states. Capital Olympia. On March 2, 1853, it was detached from Oregon, with which it had had a common history, and erected into territory, including Idaho and part of Montana. Discovered (1855) gold deposits in the eastern part, there was a huge influx of population that caused… Read More »

Trump vs. TikTok Part 2

Chinese authorities also have good opportunities to force private companies to spy on behalf of the state. An example is the new intelligence law, introduced in 2017, which may force Chinese companies to cooperate with the country’s intelligence. For Chinese apps, which partially store data in China, a country located in Asia according to INDEXDOTCOM,… Read More »

Trump vs. TikTok

There has been a storm around TikTok after US President Donald Trump threatened to close the app in the US because he thought it was a threat to national security. The United States is not alone. Other countries are also considering a ban. Are dance videos something to worry about? Why are digital goods so… Read More »

Can democracies be hacked? Part III

5: «Fake news» and propaganda in social media The digital challenge for democracy that has received the most attention is the use of social media to promote distorted or false claims. This is often referred to as “fake news”, but it is an imprecise term that is used differently by different groups. Automated accounts (… Read More »

Can democracies be hacked? Part II

3: Stealing choices digitally More and more countries are using different types of computers when elections are held. The most common form is to use computers to count votes. Other uses are registration of votes in the polling stations, and in some cases elections over the internet have been tested as an alternative. During the… Read More »

Can democracies be hacked? Part I

Prior to the 2016 US election, Hillary Clinton’s emails were stolen by Russian hackers. The Brexit vote in the same year and the French presidential election in 2017 were also attempted to be manipulated through hacking or other digital influence. Is our technological everyday life a threat to free and democratic elections? How can referendums… Read More »

Trump’s Customs War Challenges WTO Part II

5: America first – WTO sist? Several of Trump’s tariffs have been introduced with reference to US law and with unclear justification for WTO rules: Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminum were introduced with reference to a 1962 US law authorizing the president to impose measures against imports that threaten national security. The GATT agreement… Read More »

Trump’s Customs War Challenges WTO Part I

Donald Trump scolds trade agreements, threatens tariffs and has gone to trade war against China. Will the World Trade Organization become the president’s next victim? Is President Trump allowed to impose tariffs on whomever he wants? What will be the effects of US trade policy? Is Trump’s Customs War Crisis in World Trade Organization? Under… Read More »

A Referendum on Trump Part II

5: Senate Before the Senate election in November 2018, Republicans have 51 senators. The Democrats have 47, while the last two are independent candidates who mostly vote with the Democrats. One of the two independents, the left-wing radical Bernie Sanders from Vermont, was even close to being nominated as the Democrats’ presidential candidate in 2016.… Read More »

A Referendum on Trump Part I

The congressional election in 2018 will be a referendum at national level for or against the incumbent Republican administration of President Donald Trump. At the same time, the election is particularly important for Trump’s further chances of gaining support for his policies in Congress over the next two years. How does the American political system… Read More »

Trump: Fake News!

In the last year, the term fake news or “Fake news” has become more and more common to read in both Norwegian and international media. Only a couple of years ago, this was a concept that was hardly useful, while in 2017 it was named “this year’s new word” by the Norwegian Language Council. The… Read More »

Trump: Fake News! Part 2

4: Economic motives The first use is related to the internet and economics. This is related to the point above about how cheap it is to produce fake news. In addition to the low cost, there is a lot of money to be made from online advertising. For a website, it is often the case… Read More »

Russia-US Relationship: Contempt and Fascination

Growing mistrust and constant accusations from East and West have in recent years led to steep fronts between Russia and the United States, and relations are once again almost at a freezing point. At the same time, Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have expressed support for each other. How are we to understand the… Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize 2009: Obama Shows the Way Part V

9: On the Obama Peace Prize President Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the basic foreign policy stance he pursues, and not for the implementation of concrete peace-building measures. As the Committee rightly points out, this is a basic attitude characterized by a well-developed belief in the possibilities for international cooperation, and… Read More »

Nobel Peace Prize 2009: Obama Shows the Way Part IV

7: Domestic policy problems The economic crisis and extensive public stimulus measures have characterized Obama’s domestic domestic policy. Most of this, as well as the budget, has been passed by the President in Congress. In itself, this is a significant political success. Extensive health care reforms were one of Obama’s most important campaign issues; the… Read More »

USA: Obama Showed He Can! Part III

Abroad , Obama inherits the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a severely weakened reputation for the United States. The election of Obama has in itself begun to strengthen the reputation, and the clear opposition first to the war in Iraq and then to torture contributes in the same direction. The fact that Obama has… Read More »

USA: Obama Showed He Can! Part II

4: The transition period and Obama’s team However, in order to maintain voter turnout, Obama must also deliver results, in a situation that is described as the most challenging any newly elected president has faced since 1932. The transition period has therefore been used actively to signal what Obama wants to focus on, and how… Read More »

USA: Obama Showed He Can! Part I

A black man cannot become president of the United States for many years yet. This has been an established truth for anyone who has meant anything about American politics since the civil rights struggles of the 1960s. Although Obama clearly led the polls throughout October, until election day he was warned about the “Bradley effect”… Read More »

NATO 60 Years Part III

7: NATO in Norwegian security and defense policy Norway helped establish NATO in 1949. Since then, NATO has been the cornerstone of Norwegian security and defense policy and has great support among the population and among politicians. However, Norway’s accession to NATO did not take place without a political struggle. There was great skepticism in… Read More »

NATO 60 Years Part II

5: EU: partner or rival? In parallel with the reorganization of NATO in the early 1990s, a process was under way to establish security and defense policy cooperation within the European Community (the idea was originally launched in the 1950s). With the establishment of the European Union (EU) in 1992, the formal framework for a… Read More »